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Lynchburg College Big Idea Proposal, 2010-2011

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Big Idea Title: Delving Deeper into the Community Through Getting the Real Story


Name of Congress Representatives: Michelle Pfluger, Edgar Wharton, Brenda Martinez, Andrew Desantis


Your Proposal:


One aspect of our Lynchburg College Bonner Program which we would like to strengthen is our relationship with community partners and their capacity building. As a program and with suggestions from the Foundation Review, we've identified this as a focus we'd like to embrace this year. For the first time this year, we met with community partners that we have strong partnerships with during Bonner Orientation. Through these meetings, we have identified that one way these partners could advertise better to their clients in the community, attain grant funding, and additional volunteers would be to "tell the stories" of people who have benefited from the partner's services. When people put a face to an issue or service, they are more willing to support these initiatives as they can identify with them.


Game Plan

We are going to work collaboratively with our non-profits to identify their greatest needs in the story telling field. It may be for grants, public relations on their website in testimonial form, or tactics for drawing in additional volunteers in the community. Our Bonners will then figure out which medium would be most appropriate for gathering these stories from the non-profit employees, beneficiaries of services and community at large. After we determine what would work best to meet their needs, we'll work in teams to attain the stories which will strengthen the non-profits' capacity building while working collaboratively with them.  


We have already identified one non-profit, Rebuilding Together as a pilot non-profit to start attaining stories to support their 10 year anniversary endeavors.


We will update this proposal as we flush this out more. We have just determined our new Congress Reps for this year and are working on the details for the future.




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