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Lees-McRae College Big Idea Proposal, 2010-2011

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Big Idea Title: Better Support for AmeriCorps Bonner Leaders


Name of Congress Representatives: Matt Strickland

                                                      Kelsi Lane  


Your Proposal: 

Lees-McRae College Big Idea 2010-2011

Big Idea:  Better Support for

 AmeriCorps Bonner Leader


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Background:  In recent years the Lees-McRae College Bonner Program has had difficulty retaining, recruiting, and engaging students. 


The Big Idea:  As Bonner Congress Representatives, we would like to increase recruitment, retainment and productivity of the Lees-McRae College Bonner Program.  To meet this goal we believe having a designated Bonner dorm will elevate the prestige of the program, provide rewards and incentives to join or remain with the Bonner Program and provide a support system for all Bonner students.  We believe that by creating a theme-based housing unit we will be able to significantly affect motivation, networking opportunities and morale.  As Bonner Leaders we believe without motivation and passion goals  are less obtainable. 

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Bonners will have the privilege of living in Bentley Hall, a co-ed dorm located on back campus.  This dorm can house up to twenty Bonner students.  Bentley has two community bathrooms, a commons area, a kitchen, and easy access to a parking lot.  If Bonner students choose this housing option, a support system and common meeting space will be available.  Students will be motivated to achieve service goals while serving the community. 


Action Plan:  We hope to research and network with neighboring Bonner schools that have established Bonner housing in the past.  We then hope to contact our Dean of Students and Director of Housing to propose our big idea.         After contacting the administration, we will write a formal proposal including a list of benefits for the program and the total community and then proceed to address obstacles and challenges as well. Our goal will be to have housing ready by the time the fall 2011 students are registering for housing.









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