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Who is My Neighbor

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Who's My Neighbor? Inc.


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"To create neighborly care locally, by assisting families, teens, and children, through programs that serve the needs of youth, and globally, by assisting families and communities in the developing world through the fair trade movement."


Who's My Neighbor? Inc. started its activities in 2003 when the local Reformed Church sought out ways to better serve their neighbors.  The group realized that there were no adequate supervision of pre-teens and teens after school hours when most parents work.  Thus, the development of The Cave began.  The Cave is a recreational facility in the basement of the church designed to be free from religious affiliation offering tutoring services and recreational activities.  Also, in cooperation with Elijah's Promise, Who's My Neighbor? Inc. developed the Better Worlds Cafe, offering meals at discount prices or for work.

RU Bonners Serving Who's My Neighbor? Inc.

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