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Making It Possible to end Homelessness (MIPH)

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Making It Possible to End Homelessness (MIPH)


Site Supervisor - Sal Susino




The mission of Making It Possible to end Homelessness (MIPH) is "to seek and develop appropriate avenues to resolve the homeless crisis by fostering independence and empowerment."


MIPH (Making It Possible to end Homelessness) was started by volunteers who were local advocates and clergy from Middlesex County.  Since it became a non-profit agency, MIPH has increased its' number of social service programs such as the dinner program in New Brunswick, overnight shelter programs in Edison for mentally disabled homeless individuals and familes in danger of breaking up due to lack of housing, and the transitional housing program for homeless individuals and families where one member is living with HIV/AIDS.  Along with providing these support services, the members of MIPH work together with clients to foster individual development.


RU Bonners Serving MIPH - Imani Park

1. Shaheda Hall

2. Shadira Lamby

3. Mona Dalia

Ways To Help


  • Volunteer Full Time, Part Time, and Occasionally
  • Care Packages and Monetary Donations
  • Fundraising

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