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NJ Recovery - Burlington - Q4

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Section 1: Strategic Initiatives


Below are the Corporation for National and Community Service’s  Strategic Initiatives.  Please give at least one example of activity that addresses at least one strategic initiative that your program has addressed.  Describe the activity, including the need that was addressed; local collaborations or partners; service activity; and results.


Ensuring a Brighter Future for America’s Youth

This year for Global Youth Service Day, the BCC Bonner AmeriCorps Leaders served one of our program's partner sites, Family Service.  BCC Bonners helped Family Service FLEX program to plan, prepare, and implement "Show Me the Rhythm," a talent show featuring children enrolled in the FLEX program. 


The FLEX program is a mentorship program for youth.  As a branch of Family Service, a social services agend, FLEX program youth are often living in foster homes, enrolled in the program through DYFS and other agencies, as well as dealing with mental and behavioral challenges.  "Show Me the Rhythm" began at the beginning of April, with workshops for youth who wanted to act, sing, dance, cheer, etc.  Some BCC Bonners facilitated these workshops.  On April 24th, the day of the talent show, BCC Bonners assisted with last minute rehearsals and set-up before the event.  By helping Family Service FLEX program plan, prepare, and put on "Show Me the Rhythm," BCC Bonners helped to provide an opportunity for youth to showcase their talents and explore new activities in a fun and safe environment.


Engaging Students in Communities


Mobilizing More Volunteers


Harnessing Baby Boomers’ Experience



Section 2: Great Stories


Highlight member activities which are especially reflective of the impact the program has in the community, or which illustrate an innovative or highly successful aspect of program operation.  Please provide at least one story.


An awesome moment during "Show Me the Rhythm" was when one of the FLEX program  youth went on stage to sing her solo.  She dedicated her song to Kerrie, a BCC Bonner, and her former mentor through the FLEX program.  Since Kerrie and this youth haven't seen each other in a few months, this youth's continued connection with Kerrie is a good indication of the impact the BCC Bonners have on the community and individuals they serve.



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