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Americorp Farm to School Q3

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Section 1: Strategic Initiatives


Below are the Corporation for National and Community Service’s  Strategic Initiatives.  Please give at least one example of activity that addresses at least one strategic initiative that your program has addressed.  Describe the activity, including the need that was addressed; local collaborations or partners; service activity; and results.


Ensuring a Brighter Future for America’s Youth


Engaging Students in Communities


Mobilizing More Volunteers

The Learning to End Hunger Initiative coming from Americorps Recovery funding, is organizing a statewide conference for NJ Higher Education Service Learning Consortium Schools and Bonner Schools to present speakers from colleges that have hunger related programs on campus. The conference will offer over 8 students an opportunity to show the work they do in volunteering, service learning and research with food stamp enrollment programs, gleaning programs and food drives that help community partner agencies in NJ.


Harnessing Baby Boomers’ Experience



Section 2: Great Stories


Highlight member activities which are especially reflective of the impact the program has in the community, or which illustrate an innovative or highly successful aspect of program operation.  Please provide at least one story.

There is a collaboration growing between the anti-hunger advocates and the farm to school advocates to address the complexity of hunger as it relates to a lack of nutritious food. These two different groups of advocates are teaming up to find ways to work on policy together that promotes a more nutritious food supply in schools and emergency feeding sites together.






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