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Bonnerversary Video

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Video is one of the best tools for communication out there today.  A combination of images, interviews, story, and music: a good film educates, convinces, and inspires its audience.  As Bonners, we want to harness the power of video, and use it as a tool to tell our story, to share our experience, and to inspire others to “join the count.”


This summer we are celebrating 20 years of Bonner service across the nation, and it is up to your programs to share your Bonner story, your program’s legacy, through video.  


Is it possible to convert the passion, understanding, and experience of Bonner students, communities, and campuses into films that educate and inspire other college students to get involved? Can we share our best stories of transformed lives, of healthy communities, of student development and growth to the whole world through video?  We at the Bonner Foundation are asking your program to submit a cream of the crop, quality video to the Bonner Video Project Bonnerversary Film category in honor of the Bonner Network’s 20th anniversary.


The Bonner Video Project was conceived as a framework for our schools, a way for our students to explore the power of film as a tool for communicating passion and purpose.  We expect nothing less than quality films from our participants: films that are well-thought out, purposeful, creative, and fun, and we are asking each school in our network to submit a video for the Bonnerversary Film category of the Bonner Video Project.


These videos are due on May 15th, 2010.  For more information on the Bonnversary Fim Project, check out the webpage: 




We look forward to your submissions!


The Bonner Video Project Team 



Submit your Bonnerversary Video:

Fill in all the required information to submit your Bonnerversary Video to the BVP Challenge Competition.


Name of School: Central Washington University     

Title of Video: CWU Bonnerversary

Purpose Statement: To share with the public what civic engagement means to Central's campus and community, showcasing specific volunteers and their service learning outcomes .

Intended Audience: To inform our campus, local community, and Bonner network of ways they can become involved through the Don and Verna Duncan Civic Engagement Center.

Promotion Plan: We are planning on posting the video to multiple venues. Facebook, (both the Don and Verna Duncan Civic Engagement Center's and Central Washington University's), YouTube, and our end of the year "Showcase of Action" event are all venues at which we will be showing the video.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9cCdS6Zqy4



Name of School: College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University

Title of Video: What Bonner Means to Us

Purpose Statement: The purpose of this video is to share with community partners, administrators, our student body and the Bonner network the significance of the Bonner program to our lives and its role in giving shape and direction for our passion of becoming conscientious, civically engaged citizens of our local, national and global communities.

Intended Audience: Community Partners, administrators, student body, Bonner network

Promotion Plan: To send this link to our community partners and administrators; to utilize this video at upcoming events involving the student body, and to post it to our wiki page.

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Name of School: Siena College     

Title of Video: What is Your Bonner Story?

Purpose Statement: To share with the Siena College campus a few stories from the Siena College Bonner Service Leaders Program.

Intended Audience: Use to give Siena College students a little taste of what our program is like.

Promotion Plan: Show to incoming freshman at orientation and use for recruitment on Campus Club/Program Day.



Name of School:

Title of Video:

Purpose Statement:

Intended Audience:

Promotion Plan:

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Name of School: Lindsey Wilson College

Title of Video: Lindsey Wilson College Bonnerversary

Purpose Statement: The Lindsey Wilson College Bonner Leaders share what leadership and bonner love means to them.

Intended Audience: The Lindssey Wilson Community, Community Partners and Bonner Network

Promotion Plan: This video is posted on our LWC Public Relations YouTube Channel, Twitter, and Facebook

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Title of Video:

Purpose Statement:

Intended Audience:

Promotion Plan:



Name of School: Davidson College

Title of Video: Looking Back...20 Years of Bonner at Davidson

Purpose Statement: This video highlights various aspects of our particular Bonner program, as well as the national program.  We hope to expand upon this video in the next year to create a really amazing program to celebrate Davidson's 20th anniversary of Bonner in 2011. 

Intended Audience: First year Bonners and their parents at Orientation and then, eventually, the larger campus.

Promotion Plan: YouTube, our campus wiki, hopefully the Davidson College website as well once we're preparing for our anniversary celebration


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Name of School:  College of Charleston

Title of Video:  Imma Bonner

Purpose Statement:  To recruit new Bonner leaders and explain to everyone what our bonner program is all about. 

Intended Audience: Fellow Bonner Leaders, CofC campus, and future Bonner Leaders

Promotion Plan:  Youtube, Facebook, and recruitment sessions

Video:  YouTube plugin error



Name of School: Widener Univesrity

Title of Video: Our Bonner Leader Program ; Partnering with the community

Purpose Statement: To show the focus of work at Widener University through the Bonner Leader Program.

Intended Audience: Bonner Network

Promotion Plan: Youtube

Video:  YouTube plugin error

Name of School: Emory & Henry College

Title of Video: What does Bonner mean to you?   

Purpose Statement: To find diversity in the interpretation and understanding of Bonner at Emory & Henry.

Intended Audience: Bonner SLI, Bonner Network

Promotion Plan: Putting the video on the Wikis.

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