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Bonner Advisory Board Profiles

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Juliet Carrington

     My name is Juliet Carrington and I have a playlist of songs in my heart.  Being a Bonner has been and continues to be the greatest educator that I have ever had; I have learned about the importance of community, and the difference between serving and helping.  When we are helping people we have established that we are of higher power and privilege, creating a distance towards truly cultivating relationships with those that we are working with.  However, when we are serving we are not necessarily coming in with the same power and privilege, but we are coming in to the relationship with the intention of building relationship and understanding with others.  When serving we recognize that we are equals as humans and that your welfare is connected to my own if we are truly a community.  I truly believe that we can work towards change, but only if we put in the hard work to do so.  I believe in the power of change, people, community.  I sing more than I talk (Lauryn Hill is my FAVORITE), could dance for hours and never get tired, love to learn, carry my dreams with my everywhere and am committed to persevering through everything.  I think that every person is made up of a collection of amazing stories- everyone has a story to tell.  There is a quote by Thich Nhat Hanh that goes, "Be kinder than necessary for everyone is fighting a great battle"- and I truly believe this.


Chaz Barracks

     I am a rising Senior Congress Representative from University of Richmond. I am a native of Glastonbury, Connecticut and I have a lot of favorite things in my life. I am a previous Bonner Congress Rep. from West Virginia Wesleyan College and have recently started fresh at Richmond with a total new Congress agenda.  As a Scholar I have taught elementary diversity education, created a mentorship program for at risk youth, traveled around the globe, and headed up a student coordinator position for our downtown Richmond center!      

     One of the most important things off my favorites list, is being a Bonner. Since I have joined the Bonner Network, I have gained a sense of identify, belonging, and social awareness that I never had before. My potential as a scholar increases in every project that brings me closer to the national network. I am veryenthusiastic about my work and I have gained enough experience that there is no project worth trying.


Jack Kelly 

     My name is Jack Kelly. I am a Junior Bonner at Stetson University in Deland, Florida and love the program. I work on the IMPACT Conference planning board, as well as with the Humane Society and an animal rescue hospital in Deland. I also head a community service group on campus at Stetson University. I served as the Bonner Student Government Organization liaison last year, as well as my first year as a Bonner Congress Representative. I attended Congress this year for my second year and absolutely loved it.


Jared Smith

     Jared Smith is a Senior at Davidson College double majoring in Music and English. Jared's passion is connecting people, whether connecting them to each other, to information, to what excites them, or to what needs to be done. His skills consist of event planning, newsletter creating, graphic design, web tool usage, grant writing, and volunteer management.


April Risley

     I am a third year Siena College Bonner Service Leader. My first year here, I interned at the Boys and Girls Club where I worked with inner-city at risk youth in after school programming. I have now taken on a new position in our program as the Community Partner Liaison. I am also the President of the Mentoring Program on campus, where I coordinate 60 Siena volunteers to mentor approximately 60 at risk youth from Albany. I absolutely LOVE children and hope to someday become a child advocacy lawyer!


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