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Bonner Advisory Board

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Launched in 2009, the Bonner Advisory Board (BAB) is the student leadership team that gives student voice to the Foundation. BAB members work with the Bonner Foundation throughout the year, providing input to programs and policies, and also helping to carry out strategic projects. BAB Members typically have served as Congress Representatives or Senior Interns. They are selected through a competitive application process, and they participate in conference calls and meetings to plan events and facilitate national initiatives across the Bonner Network. BAB Members also serve as regional coordinators for national student leadership, including acting as liaisons for six Bonner Congress Regional Teams



The mission of the Bonner Advisory Board is to maintain and utilize the relationships with the Bonner Congress Representatives in order to ensure successful initiatives across the Bonner Network. 


Roles and Responsibilities


  • Know and Understand the Roles and Responsibilities of a Congress Representative
  • Promote Communication and Coordinate Activities between Regional Schools
  • Act as a Liason Between Bonner Student Congress and the Bonner Foundation, Highlighting Resources that are Available
  • Assist with Fall, Summer, and IMPACT meetings
  • Submit Information for Student Leadership Newsletter
  • Support Congress Representatives to Be Successful With their Campus Initiatives

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