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NJBLP Weekly January 25th - 29th, 2010

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NJBLP Bonner Weekly
January 25th - 29th, 2010 
See "Past Weeklies" for January 18th - 22nd Weekly
  1. Administrative Announcements
    1. Paperwork NJBLP Upcoming Deadlines: 
    2. Midterm Evaluations for Members
  2. NJBLP News 
    1. February 15th: Bonner Love Video Due!
    2. MLK Day 2010: New Jersey Bonners Serve!
    3. Bonners Around the County Raise Funds for Haiti:
  3. Upcoming Events and Program Calendar 
    1. Martin Luther King Jr Month of Service
      1. Upload photos of your MLK Service Event
      2. MLK Day Reflection Questions
    2. Host a Table: Stand Up Against Hunger! Stand-up comedians benefit Elijah's Promise
    3. February 10th: Princeton Area Benefit for Haiti Relief
    4. February 15th and 21st: Full Time, Part Time and Agency Based Bonner Training Events
    5. IMPACT Conference: National Student Conference on Service, Advocacy & Social Action
    6. 10th Annual Student Affairs Conference: February 12, 2010
    7. SAVE THE DATE: April 9th, 2010 Learning to End Hunger Conference
      1. Register Now!
      2. February 12th: RFP for Workshop Proposals
    8. Save the Date: State Commission End of the Year Event is May 21st
  4. Training and Enrichment Opportunities 
    1. February 10th: Webinar on Access to Summer Food Programs for Children 
    2. The Ivory Tower: A History on an Idea about Knowledge and Politics
    3. Real Food Challenge
      1. Join the National Team
      2. Student Conferences 
  5. Volunteer Opportunities 
    1. Plan a Disney Family Give-a-Day 
  6. Job, Internship, and Funding Opportunities
    1. Due January 30th: 2010 Governor's Volunteer Awards 
    2. Summer Washington DC Internship at Institute of Philanthropy and Volunteer Service 
    3. AmeriCorps VISTA Position in Burlington County
    4. Trenton Thunder 
    5. Check out Grant Opportunities Here! 
  7. Check out Newsletters from our Community Partners!
    1. Past Weeklies


    Administrative Announcements

    Paperwork NJBLP Upcoming Deadlines: 

    January 29th: 

    • All Fall 09 Outstanding Paperwork,

    • BWBRS Service Positions Up-to-Date,

    • Fall 09 Training Agendas and Sign-in Sheets


    February 15th:

    • January Timsheets,

    • Spring CLAs,

    • Spring Class Schedules


    March 1st:

    • Midterm Member Evaluations


    Midterm Evaluations for Members

    For the New Jersey campus programs and the NJ BLP Regular (non-recovery) Program, it is time for Midterm Member Evaluations.  We have revised this year's Midterm Member Evals, so be sure to use this form:


    PDF Version: Midterm Member Evaluation Form

    Word: Midterm Member Evaluation Form


    All Midterm Member Evaluations are due to us by March 1st.  This year we are requiring members to attach their filled-out first semester Service Accomplishments to their Midterm Evaluation.  The video below is a tutorial on how to use the Service Accomplishments section of BWBRS.  Please contact Becky if you have any questions about the Midterm Evaluations or Service Accomplishments. 




    YouTube plugin error  


    NJBLP News 

    February 15th: Bonner Love Video Due!

    The Bonner Love Video Challenge is Due on February 15th!  Check here for information on how to submit your video:Bonner Love Video Project.


    MLK Day 2010: New Jersey Bonners Serve!


    Check out an article in the Burlington County Times about BCC's MLK Day: Burlington County College MLK Day


    Bonners Around the County Raise Funds for Haiti:

     What are you doing for Haiti?


    Francis Center for Servant Leadership, Pfeiffer University (Dr. Ashley Oliphant)


    As for our Haiti project, we are trying to start a Valentine delivery program called Hearts for Haiti. If it all comes together, the Francis Center for Servant Leadership will pay for candy and Valentine crafting supplies. Our service scholars and other volunteers will design all of the cards, and we will sell them in the cafeteria the week before Valentine's Day. Because our campus is so small, we can deliver them as well. All proceeds will benefit Haiti through the United Methodist Church relief fund.


    Converse College (Amy Skidmore)


    On the Converse Campus we already had two student events. Our soccer team, which has a player from Haiti, held a Spaghetti Dinner open to the community. All the proceeds, about $2,000, went to Haiti Relief programs. Project Serve, a student service group, helped make hygiene kits. The kits were sent to Haiti through a local church. 

    Our Chaplain also had a prayer meeting immediately after the earthquake. During the prayer meeting they accepted donations that we gave to the Catholic Relief Services for Haiti. 


    Davidson College (Kristin Booher)

    In response to your question about relief efforts for Haiti, I just wanted to share a link of information on what Davidson is doing.  In order to maximize impact we've really tried to pull various organizations together in planning meetings.  We add new information as it becomes available.  http://www3.davidson.edu/cms/x38705.xml


    University of Richmond (Kimberly Dean)

    A student, staff, & faculty group spearheaded by one of our colleagues in Multicultural Affairs who has personal ties to Haiti formed a coalition within days of the earthquake.  The have collected funds as well as hosted an open forum to provide some context for Haiti's current predicament.  One of our fellow staff members at the CCE worked closely with the library to put together articles and a guide to other educational materials that give historical context to Haiti as a country.  A candlelight vigil was hosted by our campus' Chaplaincy this past Wednesday.


    Given our Center's positioning in academic affairs, we feel strongly that our place to give some educational framing to Haiti's situation, even after the immediate "buzz" fades.  Hence, we plan to host an educational program in the next 4-6 weeks and another one in the fall.


    Upcoming Events and Program Calendar 

    Martin Luther King Jr Month of Service

    Please see below for a quick write up on what our college programs are doing to honor MLK.


    Upload photos of your MLK Service Event

    by going to www.photobucket.com and signing in as:

    username: njblpmlk

    password: mlkday2010 


    MLK Day Reflection Questions

    Please feel free to use this MLK Day Reflection Worksheet at your service event: MLK Reflection



    Host a Table: Stand Up Against Hunger! Stand-up comedians benefit Elijah's Promise

    Dear Friends,

    We are pleased to announce Stand Up Against Hunger, an evening of comedy to benefit the Soup Kitchen. The event will be held on Thursday, March 18th at the Crossroads Theatre in New Brunswick. The evening will feature well known New Jersey Comedians Joey Novick and Assemblyman Jon Bramnick (NJ Assemblyman from the 21 Legislative District).


    Your support of Elijah’s Promise is key to the success of all that we do, especially now, during these most difficult of economic times. Last month the Soup Kitchen served over 8,000 meals and distributed clothing and warm coats to over 400 people. Our social service staff has been working hard to find warm weather items for our guests to wear and places for those who are homeless to stay when the arctic chill hits. Because of your partnership with Elijah’s Promise, we’d like to ask you to be involved in a special way this year by participating as a host.


    To be a host, you simply agree to attend and bring five friends with you to the program. Hosts will be listed in the program and in our email outreach. Tickets for the evening are $25 each. Hors d’oeuvres prepared by Promise Catering will be served at 6:00pm and the fun begins at 7:00pm. We hope you will join us for Stand Up Against Hunger. Please complete and return your response form by mail, fax or email by February 7th to confirm your participation as a Host. Thank you for your support!


    Sincerely, Lisanne Finston

    Executive Director


    Download Host Form Now: Stand Up Against Hunger Host Form


    February 10th: Princeton Area Benefit for Haiti Relief

    Nassau Inn to Host Community Response - A Benefit for Haiti Earthquake Relief 

    Princeton , New Jersey – February 10, 2010 – In response to the Haitian earthquake, the local Princeton community is getting together to raise money for The American Red Cross. 


    In the wake of the disaster; an abundance of relief programs are encouraging Americans to donate to and help the people of Haiti struck by this tragedy. 100% of all proceeds will go to The American Red Cross International Response Fund to directly benefit this disaster. “This is a great response to the Haitian disaster. Upon losing five family members and watching the news, I know this will have a very positive impact for the Haitian people. Any amount of help will be appreciated; anything will be better than it is now.” -Hubert Dolphin, Nassau Inn employee of 30 years The Princeton and surrounding communities (“Friends” of Community Response), in association with The American Red Cross, are opening their hearts for Community Response - An Evening to Benefit Haiti Earthquake Relief. 


    Nassau Inn initially came up with the concept of the Community Response benefit as members of its family are waiting to hear news of their loved ones. The response from the community has been astounding; including immediate action from The Terra Momo Restaurant Group and Jack Morrison of JM Group 

    Princeton . Community groups including the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Princeton Merchants Association and Hometown Princeton will also be promoting the event to their members for both attendance and donation. The Community Response benefit will showcase donations of wine, beer and food from local restaurants 

    and distributors along with live entertainment. Many other Friends are contributing to the silent auction and raffle drawings throughout the event. 


    The Community response benefit will be held on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Nassau Inn on Ten Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ. Entry will be $25 per person (cash or check at the door) with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Red Cross International Response Fund. Parking fees for all local garages on Hulfish, Chambers and Spring Streets have been donated by Palmer Square Management and the Borough of Princeton for all attendees of this event. For more information regarding this event, please see the attached flyer, and follow Nassau Inn on Twitter and Facebook, where there will be postings and tweets about this event. The American Red Cross name is used with permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, individual or political position. For more information about the American Red Cross, please call 1-800 HELP NOW or e-mail info@usa.redcross.org. 



    O. Mariela Blanco 

    Email: marielablanco@nassauinn.com 

    Phone: 609-688-2627 


    February 15th and 21st: Full Time, Part Time and Agency Based Bonner Training Events

    The Full-time/Part-timea and agency Bonner Leaders in NJ are not coming together for a half day of training in February.  Instead, you may choose from one of two events that are happening next month in order to fulfill the training requirement for February.  You must RSVP by next Tuesday, January 26th:

    February 15th: Diversity Training in Paterson, NJ (I will be attending this event and am very excited!)
    The training goes from 10:00am - 4:00pm on Monday the 15th, lunch and breakfast provided.  
    February 21st: "I am Domestic Violence" Show and Reflection at Princeton University
    The show is from 3:30pm - 5:00pm on Sunday the 21st, dinner will take place afterwards with Christen Foell. 


    IMPACT Conference: National Student Conference on Service, Advocacy & Social Action


    March 19-21, 2010  

    The Clinton School of Public Service

    Little Rock, Arkansas


    Join college students, administrators, faculty, national nonprofit organizations, socially-responsible companies and many others this spring at the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas for the convening of campus community members involved in service, activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work across philosophical and ideological lines.


    You won't want to miss this inspiring three-day conference, which will give students the opportunity to:


    Present a workshop at a national conference

    Attend thought provoking student-lead workshops and plenary sessions

    Attend a Hunger Banquet

    Network with representatives of non-profit agencies and companies at the Opportunities Fair

    Listen to nationally recognized keynote speakers and more!


    To learn more about the IMPACT Conference and to register, please visit www.impactconference.org.


    Follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/impactconf 


    10th Annual Student Affairs Conference: February 12, 2010

     The Student Affairs Conference at NYU is a one-day professional development opportunity for student affairs practitioners to gather to attend workshops and programs on a wide variety of issues facing higher education and the student affairs profession, in particular.   Administrators, faculty and graduate students are invited to attend, share ideas and expertise, and connect with seasoned and new colleagues.     


    These are both challenging and exciting times for higher education.  While the events of the past year have undoubtedly caused many institutions to reconsider their practice, so too have they inspired colleges and universities to reflect on their purpose and to consider the social and economic trends that will define their future.  The goal of the 2010 Student Affairs Conference at NYU is to offer participants a pragmatic learning experience that considers the implications of economic and social trends upon higher education and, in particular, explores ways to respond to those changes in our unique roles as student affairs professionals.  The conference will encourage participants to reflect on the approaches we use in providing services for, and facilitating the development of, our increasingly diverse student populations while striving to maintain – and even improve – our outcomes.  The conference will serve as a forum for exchanging ideas on more sustainable and efficient administrative practices; the importance of being able to demonstrate our success to internal and external constituencies; and strategies for preparing our students to live personally and socially meaningful lives in this rapidly changing global society.

    In accordance with the conference theme for the 2010 Student Affairs Conference at NYU, we invite presenters to submit "Creative Strategies for Challenging Times" in the form of proposals for sessions that share innovative programmatic and administrative strategies or identify and explore critical issues associated with each of the following areas:   

    •    Administrative Efficiency: Streamlining programs and services to make them more targeted and efficient.
    •   Accountability: Strategies for assessing and reporting our outcomes to critical constituents and key stakeholders.
    •    Social Justice: Encouraging students to live more sustainable and economically/socially ethical lives.
    •    Student Development: Facilitating the development of our changing student populations.
    •   Mission: Refocusing our priorities in light of changing economic and social trends.
    •   Fiscal Entrepreneurialship: Creating external partnerships (e.g. grants, corporate partnerships, community partnerships, working with development).
    •    Technology: Harnessing technology for programming, information sharing, and service delivery. 
    •   Environmental Scanning: Looking to the future for trends that will impact higher education in significant ways.

    Staff Development: Sustaining and enhancing staff knowledge, expertise and morale in fiscally challenging times.


    For more information visit: http://www.nyu.edu/student.affairs/conference/index.html


    SAVE THE DATE: April 9th, 2010 Learning to End Hunger Conference

    Register Now!

    Click here to register for the conference: Learning to End Hunger Conference Registration

    February 12th: RFP for Workshop Proposals

    Click here to read the Request for Workshop Proposals: RFP for Workshop Proposals


    Save the Date: State Commission End of the Year Event is May 21st


    Training and Enrichment Opportunities 

    February 10th: Webinar on Access to Summer Food Programs for Children 

    Please join us!

    What: Learn About Funding and Resources to Help Your Organization Feed Hungry Children This Summer


    Target Audience: Corporation for National and Community Service

    Grantee Organizations, State Commissions, CNCS Staff, VISTA Sponsors, Educational Institutions and Interested Non-Profit and Faith-Based Organizations


    Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010

    Time: 11:00am-12:00pm EST

    Registration Link: http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/summer/


    Description: Each summer, 18 million students are at risk of going hungry when the school year ends and school lunches are no longer available. For many children, school meals are the only complete and nutritious meals they eat, and in the summer they go without. This summer, the need will likely increase. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) can help to fill the summer meal gap for low-income children. Faith-based, community and private non-profit organizations can make a difference in the lives of hungry children by serving meals with SFSP, a federally funded program administered by states that reimburses organizations for meals served to children during the summer. Schools, churches, recreation centers, playgrounds, parks and camps can serve meals in neighborhoods with high percentages of low-income families. These venues are safe and familiar locations where children naturally congregate during the summer. There are two ways to get involved with SFSP. Your organization may become a SFSP site where meals are served, or a SFSP sponsor that both serves meals and keeps track of the accounting and paperwork. Sponsors are reimbursed for all meals served that meet USDA’s nutrition standards.

    Join us to learn more and hear the benefits to being a part of the Summer Food Service Program!


    Already working with SFSP?: We want to hear from you! If you are already participating as a sponsor or a site, and would be willing to share your story on a live webinar or a webcast recording, please contact Emily Buckham Buday, USDA FNS Outreach Strategist, at Emily.buckham@fns.usda.gov.

    Participation: This session will be available via Microsoft Office LiveMeeting (Webinar) and is free for all participants. You will need access to a phone line and a computer with internet access for this webinar. To participate, please complete the online registration. Further information will be forthcoming to registered participants. You must register to receive additional information.


    Other Webinar Sessions: If you are interested but unable to attend this session, please note there are three sessions being conducted for the general public that anyone is welcome to attend. Please go to the online registration site to register for one of these sessions. These sessions will also be recorded and available at a future date for on-demand viewing from the USDA FNS website.


    Additional SFSP Information: Additional information on the Summer Food Service Program can be found on the USDA Food and Nutrition Service

    Website: http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/summer/



    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Emily Buckham Buday

    Outreach Strategist





    The Ivory Tower: A History on an Idea about Knowledge and Politics


    Thursday, March 4, 2010, 6:15pm

    Heyman Center for the Humanities, Second Floor Common Room


    Steven Shapin, Franklin L. Ford Professor of the History of Science at Harvard University, will speak on "The Ivory Tower: A History on an Idea about Knowledge and Politics."


    Click here for more information on Steven Shapin.


    This event is free and open to the public.

    No Tickets, no reservations required.

    Seating is on a first come, first served basis.


    Click here for directions to the the Heyman Center.


    Real Food Challenge

    Join the National Team


    The Real Food Challenge is looking for students to join the National Team.  This is a unique opportunity to take on a major leadership position with the Real Food Challenge, something that isn't usually available to youth in other social change organizations. 


    Our National Team--the group ultimately responsible for coordinating the campaign (and the one writing this email!)--is comprised of half professional staff and half student leaders.  This model of leadership has proven a powerful one--combining fresh ideas, bold thinking and a deep understanding of our constituent base, with experience and solid organizational know-how. 


    As our next round of summits and trainings approaches (register here, if you haven't already!) we want to expand our leadership base and invite new student members onto the National Team.


    Nominate yourself or someone you know.


    Who do you know?  Take a moment today to think about your friends, club-mates, and other students in your life who might fit the criteria below.  Nominate them today! 


    We look forward to working with you,


    The RFC National Administrative Team

    ~ ~ ~ ~ 


    What we're looking for:

    Passion for food systems change and the growing youth food movement

    Commitment to anti-racism

    Demonstrated leadership and organizing experience

    Ability to work reliably on your own as well as in a very collaborative setting

    Flexibility and ability to adjust to new situations

    Creativity and initiative in problem solving

    Willingness to learn from experts in the field, peer organizers, and grow as a leader

    Joining the Real Food Challenge National Team is a unique opportunity for students who are ready to develop their skills as leaders, student organizers and social movement drivers.  The experience combines hands-on action and decision-making, mentorship from veterans in the field, and a lot of fun!


    As members of the National Team, students learn valuable skills and make useful connections.  Student members will get deep into strategy discussions, help out with event-planning, and will have many opportunities to hone their public speaking, fundraising, and facilitation skills.  Through their work (and travel!), National Team members will also act as bridges to other prominent organizations, companies, and individuals in the food movement. The contribution of students who join the RFC National Team is real and substantial, and is essential to the RFC's participatory, youth-driven approach.


    All National Team members receive intensive leadership training and are invited to participate in national conferences and regional Real Food Challenge events.


    All National Team members serve for at least one school year in addition to a 3-month orientation period.


    For more, go here: http://realfoodchallenge.org/national_team.



    Student Conferences 


    Mark your calendars: THREE Northeast Real Food Leadership Trainings this spring! 

    The Real Food Challenge Northeast is changing it up!  Rather than host our annual summit in the spring, we're going gear up for a majorNortheast Summit in fall 2010 by having THREE Real Food Challenge Leadership Trainings!


    HERE'S THE DEAL: Real Food trainings are intentionally designed to be both fun and serious.  Be prepared for dance parties and team building games as well as discussions about power, privilege and oppression and the role of students as social movement leaders. Trainings will also be highly participatory.  Workshops will be interactive (not too academic) and participants will be asked to take on a variety of leadership roles from the start--from helping cook meals to facilitating activities and workshops. 


    Equipped with new skills and connections, we will be at the forefront of a vibrant and diverse national youth movement, getting real about organizing for real food. Join us in the Northeast at one of the following trainings!

    • Burlington, VT: University of Vermont, Feb. 12-14
    • Boston, MA: Boston College, Feb. 19-21
    • New York, NY: Location TBD, Feb. 26-28

    Mark your calendars NOW because space is limited!  Each training will bring together 30 students--we're encouraging folks to pair up with another student from their school, so start looking for a buddy!


    Registration is now available!  Visit our website to access the online registration form and more information about the trainings!


    Questions?  Contact Devon Ahearn - dahearn@thefoodproject.org


    Volunteer Opportunities 

    Plan a Disney Family Give-a-Day 

    The Toolkit for Family-Friendly Managed Projects sponsored by Disney for Give A Day is available for download on the Disney Volunteer Opportunity Portal.  To access it you must register for Give A Day (but no need to post an opportunities).  http://VOP.HandsOnNetwork.org.   It is really a good resource.



    Job, Internship, and Funding Opportunities

    Due January 30th: 2010 Governor's Volunteer Awards 

    Dear Friends and Colleagues:


    I am pleased to announce the new nomination process for the 2010 volunteer awards for the State of New Jersey.  For more than 20 years, the Governor’s Office of Volunteerism has invited you to submit nominations for the Governor’s Volunteer Awards to appropriately recognize outstanding service to the state.  This year, we will salute our outstanding volunteers through the New Jersey Governor’s Jefferson Awards, a new partnership between the Governor’s Awards for Volunteerism and the NJ State Jefferson Awards, thus combining two long-standing and prestigious volunteer recognition efforts.


    For more than two decades, the Governor’s Volunteer Awards have honored the commitment of outstanding volunteers who have helped improve the quality of life in New Jersey.  The Jefferson Awards, established as a national program in 1972, has had a New Jersey component since 2006 hosted by the Star Ledger and the NJ Community Foundation and sponsored by the corporate community.  In keeping with the spirit of these two programs, the New Jersey Governor’s Jefferson Awards will honor those who do extraordinary things for their neighbors, their community, their nation or the environment.


    Please help us continue the tradition of recognizing our outstanding volunteers by nominating a deserving individual or organization for the important work they do to ensure a bright future for New Jersey through volunteer service.  Nominations must be submitted online and are due on January 30, 2010.  Please complete the nomination online at www.njgovernorsawards.com . You are encouraged to nominate deserving individuals of all ages and backgrounds in up to three of the 18 categories listed.


    I wish to thank the Governor’s Advisory Council on Volunteerism and Chair Ed O’Malley for their leadership on this initiative.  For further assistance or for more information, please do not hesitate to call, Rowena Madden or Sabrina Nelson at the Governor’s Office of Volunteerism, 609-984-3470.



    Very truly yours,


    Nina Mitchell Wells

    Summer Washington DC Internship at Institute of Philanthropy and Volunteer Service 

    Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service
    June 6 – July 31, 2010
    Georgetown University, Washington, DC
    Scholarship applications are now being accepted for the Summer 2010 Institute on Philanthropy and Voluntary Service. Sponsored by The Fund for American Studies in partnership with Georgetown University, the Institute is a summer academic internship program held in Washington, D.C. for undergraduate students interested in volunteerism and careers in the nonprofit sector.  
    The Institute combines substantive professional experience for 30 hours a week with a challenging academic experience. This fast-paced, eight-week residential program provides students from around the world with the opportunity to gain an edge in today’s competitive job market and graduate school admissions, and experience the excitement of Washington first-hand.
    Internships – Competitive placements with leading nonprofit organizations
    Classes – Up to 9 transferable credits in ethics and philanthropy from Georgetown University
    Housing – Roommate matching and furnished on-campus apartments in the heart of D.C.
    Service – A variety of hands-on community projects
    Guest Lectures – With Washington’s top nonprofit executives and scholars
    Leadership & Professional Development – Leadership, mentoring and career building activities
    Networking – With seasoned nonprofit professionals and top student leaders from around the world
    Scholarships – Over half of all students receive full or partial funding based on merit and financial need
    The Institute will be held June 6 – July 31, 2010. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until March 5, 2010. Students who complete their application by the priority deadline of February 5, 2010 will receive priority internship placement and scholarship consideration.
    For more information or to start an online application, please visit the website at www.DCinternships.org/IPVS.   
    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Emily Hill, IPVS Program Manager, at IPVS@tfas.org or 800-741-6964.
    You may click here to request an informational brochure: https://www.DCinternships.org/tfas/brochure/index.asp.

    AmeriCorps VISTA Position in Burlington County

    JOB TITLE: AMERICORPS * V.I.S.T.A. Volunteer

    PROGRAM:  AMACHI Program


    JOB SUMMARY: The RSVP Project Director is responsible for the AMACHI Program.  The AMERICORPS * VISTA Volunteer works cooperatively with the RSVP/AMACHI  volunteers, RSVP Project Director, sponsoring staff, and the officials of the Corporation for National and Community Service in program planning and implementation.  The AMERICORPS* V.I.S.T.A. Volunteer is responsible for the preparation of public relations materials and maintenance of the program records.  The AMERICORPS* V.I.S.T.A. Volunteer will serve in a full-time position.  The AMERICORPS* V.I.S.T.A. Volunteer may participate in activities to coordinate program resources with those of related local agencies, boards, and/or faith based organizations.




    Under the direction of the SENIORCORPS/RSVP Project Director, the AMERICORPS* V.I.S.T.A. Volunteer duties include, but are not limited to:


    Mapping out recruitment opportunities in a community and arranging recruitment events, primarily in congregations and faith-based organizations.

    Developing and facilitating educational and recruitment materials related to the AMACHI program.

    Identifying and meeting with partner agencies in the AMACHI program, including senior citizens groups, youth programs and civic clubs in the county. 

    Identifying federal, state and county officials who will assist in locating either the children of incarcerated parent(s) or the parent(s) themselves. 

    Maintaining program quality by planning monthly events to meet program goals and objectives designed to meet the critical community need and offering opportunities for senior citizens to maintain their self-esteem and usefulness through this service for their community.

    Develop and submit reports, evaluations and other documentation as required.

    Maintaining professional knowledge and skills by attending relevant workshops, training, conferences; reviewing professional materials and participating in professional organizations.

    Working closely with the RSVP Project Director for assistance on matters relating to the operation of the project.




    The AMERICORPS* V.I.S.T.A. Volunteer must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma/GED and be a U.S. citizen.  The position is a full-time year of service w/out outside commitments.  Required skills include sound communication, writing, and speaking skills as well as recruitment and outreach ability.  Initiative, flexibility, and organizational skills are also necessary.  Computer literacy and a car are required. 


    Contact Monnica Chan for information about how to apply: monnica.chan@gmail.com                                         


    Trenton Thunder 

    Check in with Maria De La Cruz if you are interested in selling Trenton Thunder tickets to fundraise for your program.  Maria can be contacted at maria@bonner.org.


    Check out Grant Opportunities Here! 

    Click here to find out more about Grant and Funding Opportunities.


    Check out Newsletters from our Community Partners!

    Elijah's Promise

    Learning to End Hunger Campaign

    Mercer Alliance


    NJ State Museum



    Past Weeklies


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