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Motivating a Team - Games - Wind in the Willows

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 Wind in the Willows




Introduce this activity by asking if anyone has experience with “spotting,” perhaps in gymnastics or other trust-building activities.  Explain that this is a very simple trust exercise, but that proper spotting is really important even for simple activities.  Go over this description carefully, to ensure that no one gets injured.  You will need at least 6 people to do this exercise, and if you have more than 15 you should split into two groups after your demonstration.  Throughout this exercise talk in a calm voice; you will be close together so you should not have to talk very loud.


For the Spotter: 

Hands: keep all five fingers (and thumb) together. 

Arms: elbows bent slightly, hands straight out in front of you.

Feet: take a wide stance (about twice your shoulder width) with one foot back and one foot forward.


For the Spotted:

Stand straight up, stiff as a board.  Don’t bend at the waist.  Hold your hands tightly against your chest.




Form a tight circle, standing shoulder to shoulder with no space in between.  Have one person stand in the middle of the circle straight up and down, remind them not to bend at the waist and to hold their hands tightly against their chest.  Instruct everyone to take their spotting stance, one foot back with a wide stance and hands out front with fingers together.  Instruct the person in the middle to ask, “Are you ready to spot me?”  To which the group replies, “We are ready to spot you.”  Make sure that everyone is in fact ready; that their attention is focused on the person in the middle, and that they are not distracted.  Then instruct the person in the middle to say, “leaning.”  For this exercise they can lean in any direction, and as they lean everyone in the circle will support them and gently pass them around or across the circle. 


Pass one person in the middle for a minute, and then instruct everyone to press in together and hold them upright.  At this point you could allow for a few people to say encouraging things to that person, or you could just hold them for a second.  Then allow the next volunteer to enter the circle, and reform a close circle around them.  Repeat the process until everyone, including the facilitator, has had a chance to be in the circle.

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