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Motivating a Team - Learning Circles

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Learning Circles

(Downloadable Version: Learning Circles)


This activity encourages your team to think about their Big Idea project as an opportunity to learn and grow.



Proceed by introducing Learning Circles as a format for dialogue. Then pose this question:

“Think to the vision of your future that we have been going over, and recall the qualities of the head, the hand and the heart that you have identified as growth areas.  I would like you to imagine how you are going to grow in these areas – think of the experiences you are going to have, the disciplines you will adopt, the relationships you will invest in, or the attitudes you will foster.  Please, share with us what that path will look like, and, if you can, share with us how this project might be an opportunity for you to grow in those areas?”


First Go-Around

Go around the circle once giving everyone an opportunity to respond.  Do not allow interruption or cross-talk.  Allow people to pass if they do not have a response at that time, but return to those who passed to given them the opportunity to share after everyone has shared.



Second Go-Around

After everyone who wants to has shared, allow cross-conversation and questions/comments to draw out any insights people might have for one another.  After a few minutes of comments or questions guide the conversation into a brainstorm on how to support one another’s growth.


Final Reflection

Set up a flip chart and ask the group, “After hearing the many different ways that people want to grow and learn, I would like us to take a few minutes at the end of our session to consider how we might support each other.”  As people share ideas write them out on the flip chart. 

Conclude the session by thanking everyone for their participation and tape the flip chart brainstorm on display as a reminder of the support they want to be for one another.


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