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Motivating a team - Introducing the Four-Fold Way

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The Four-Fold Way: 

Leadership Compass

The Leadership Compass draws from a Native American Indian -based practice called the Medicine Wheel or the Four-Fold Way.  In the Four-Fold Way, the four directions are described as warrior (north), healer (south), teacher (west) and visionary (east).  All directions have profound strengths and potential weaknesses, and every person is seen as capable of growing in each direction. 


Each direction has a primary "human resource," including power (north), love (south), wisdom (west) and vision (east), as well as primary struggles, associated with loss or difficulty. Each person can access the gifts associated with each direction in order to become more whole.


This workshop builds on the Leadership Compass framework to allow individual participants to dig deeper in their perceptions of self and team. Non-profit organizations modified the original framework and language to be more suited to the professionally-oriented cultures of organizations.  This workshop pushes the notion of the "learnable" qualities of each direction, when a person adopts a willingness to learn and change.

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