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Motivating a Team - Find Me

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Find Me

(Downloadable Version: Find Me.doc)


This is a great icebreaker/mixer for helping your team see each others diverse assets.

Set up:

You will need to print off lists of statements for each participant.  You can adjust the statements to fit your group, or use the ones we have provided.

How to play:

Give each participant a list of statements and ask them to find people for whom each statement is true.  For example, the list might include, “I know how to fix bicycles.”  Each participant will have to find someone that fixes bicycles.  When they do, that person will initial next to that statement.


After 5-10 minutes ask the group:

-    Who got signatures for all of the statements?

-    Who could sign the most statements?

-    Give an example of something you learned that is immediately useful.

-    Give an example of something you do not think is immediately relevant.  Could this change in the future?


Conclude this exercise by pointing out that everyone has something to contribute.  “Look at the resources and skills around you.  Some skills or contributions might be more relevant at a particular time, but they can all be important.”

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