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Youth Development - Spelman College

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Service  |  Academic Work  |  Education & Training  |  Capacity Building  |  Deliberative Democracy 


 Sub-categories in this issue

  • Math/Science Enrichment
  • Literacy and Reading Success
  • Passing CRCT/College Preparation/Youth Empowerment


Types of Service   short-term  |  ongoing school year  |  summer

  • Short-Term

          - College tours, one-day service plunges

  • Ongoing School Year

          - PLATO computer lab, America Reads, youth empowerment programs

  • Summer

          - Summer tutoring, academic summer camps, trips around the United States as a means of exposure to different areas and cultures, Upward Bound



Academic Work   courses  |  service-learning  |  CBR and policy research   |  departments and institutes

  • Courses

          - History Major, English Major, Political Science Major, Biology Major, Chemistry Major

  • Service-Learning

          - African Diaspora and the World, Philosophy, First-Year Experience

  • CBR and Policy Research

          - Women’s Studies, Political Science

  • Departments and Institutes

          - History, English, Political Science, Biology, Chemistry



Education & Training   forums  |  workshops  |  reflection activities

  • Forums

          - Big Brother, Big Sister; Boys and Girls Club

  • Workshops

          - Coca-Cola Intergenerational Mentorship Program, AmeriCorps

  • Reflection Activities

          - 1st and 2nd Year Developmental Series


Campus and Organizational Capacity-Building   training  |  fundraising  |  resource development

  • Training

          - AmeriCorps, Bonner Scholars Program, Intergenerational Mentorship Program

  •  Fundraising

          - Letter-writing campaign for Africa, Breast Cancer awareness

  • Resource Development

          - Young Democrats of America, Environmental Task Force



Research, Policy Analysis, Deliberative Democracy   evaluations  |  policy research  | issue forums  |  advocacy

  • Evaluations

          - CRCT scores, graduation rate, reading levels

  • Policy Research

          - Political Science courses, Debating for Democracy

  • Issue Forums

          - Martin Luther King Convocation, Debating for Democracy, LEADS Events

  • Advocacy

          - Young Democrats of America, Invisible Children


Contacts   staff  |  faculty  |  students  |  community partners (local, regional, national)

  • Staff

          - Sheryl Belizaire, Kerry-Dean Nugent

  • Students

          - Deloris Wilson, Arienne Jones, Ashli Cumberbatch, Morgan-Leanne House, Chayla Stanton-Robinson

  •  Community Partners

          - Maria Armstrong, Tangee Allen


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