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Working Group > Criminal Justice and Violence Prevention

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Member Campuses  |  Resources  |  Organizations  |  Issue Briefs

Foundation Staff:  Jim Treffinger


Member Campuses link to campus issue profile and lead contact name with email address


Resources training & educational resources  |  readings  |  websites, blogs, etc.


  • Amnesty International
    • Amnesty works with more than 2.2 million members in 150 countries and regions to uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Their work includes freeing prisoners of conscience and ensuring fair and prompt trials for political prisoners.
  • Peace Action
    • Peace Action is the nation's largest grassroots peace network, with chapters and affiliates in 30 states.  They work closely with Congressional allies to advance legislation advocating non-violent alternatives to war and peace promotion.
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
    • FCNL is the largest peace lobby in Washington, D.C.  They were instrumental in the creation of the Peace Corps and continue to fight nuclear weapon development and proliferation.
  • American Civil Liberties Union
    • ACLU is an organization of over 500,000 members and supporters who ensure the rights of society's most vulernable are upheld.  Their mission includes upholding four key Constitutional rights: freedoms found in the First Amendment, equal protection, due process, and privacy.
  • Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
    • CJCJ is a national, non-profit organization that works to move beyond incraceration as the primary solution to societal problems.  They promote education and rehabilitation within the criminal justice system.


Regional & National Organizations  current or potential partner organizations


  • Churches
  • Juvenile Courts
  • Law enforcement and police
  • Mediation Centers
  • Organizations that support at-risk populations
  • Prisons
  • Youth Development Centers
  • YMCAs and YWCAs


PolicyOptions.org Issue Briefs


 Summary of Campus Issue Profiles 

 Types of Service  |  Academic Work  |  Education & Training  |  Capacity Building  |  Deliberative Democracy 


Specific Issue Areas

  • Alternative Sentencing
  • Children's Home/Boarding School
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Criminal Justice
  • Detention
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Mediation
  • Prison Based Service (service with prisoners)
  • Prison Reform
  • Re-Entry
  • Restorative Justice
  • Violence Prevention 


Types of Service   short-term  |  ongoing school year  |  summer

One-time and Short-term

  • Gift programs for children and families of prisoners
  • Long Walk to Freedom - annual fundraiser around re-entry
  • Resume and Interview workshops with convicts
  • Public education programs around restorative rights and other legal concerns 


Ongoing School Year and Site-based Teams

  • Alternative education programs
  • GED tutoring and preparation
  • Job training and transition programs; trade classes; vocational education
  • Literacy and writing programs
  • College readiness/access programs for prisoners
  • Conflict resolution and mediation training
  • Re-entry programs 
  • Restoration of voting rights initiatives
  • Resume building and interviewing skills; career development programs
  • Youth violence prevention programs


Summer and Other

  • Related Summer Internship positions involving research and policy examination
  • Family support internships ('Dad on Duty')


Academic Work   courses  |  service-learning  |  CBR and policy research   |  departments and institutes


Courses and Programs of Study

  • Anti-Racism Workshops
  • Conflict Mediation (Center for Conflict Transformation)
  • Criminal Justice major
  • Involving prisoners as educators (co-educators) through presentations and courses 
  • Justice Policy Studies
  • Peace Studies


Departments and Institutes

  • African-American Studies (e.g., Criminalization of African-American Population)
  • Anthropology (Gangs, Violence, and Community)
  • Communication
  • Criminology
  • Economics
  • Gender Studies
  • History
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Political Science and Public Policy (e.g, Legal courses)
  • Sociology (Race and the Criminal Justice System; Social Structure)
  • Theology (Prisoners and Incarceration)


CBR and Service-Learning Projects

  • Course-based projects where students interview prisoners to investigate the root causes and cycle of violence
  • Education practicum placements at juvenile detention centers
  • Research of the achievement gap in school prisons 
  • Research on the impact of parental incarceration on school-age children in Albuquerque public schools (UNM)
  • Research about immigrants and the American justice system
  • Service-learning through Criminal Justice courses, such as testing reactions to various proposed non-violence and diversity training curricula from school administrators
  • Theater students researched local practices and allegations of police abuse and developed a plan for community theater


Education & Training   forums  |  workshops  |  reflection activities

  • Incorporating talks by ex-offenders during Hunger and Homelessness Week 
  • Public/educational forums about inequalities in sentencing
  • Forums about restorative justice and voting rights 


In addition to organizations above, campuses have found resources for education from:

  • (find links for these and add to social bookmarking)
  • Alternatives to Violence Project
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • Beacon Women's Prison Literature and Poetry Project
  • Critical Resistance
  • Know Your Rights Workshop
  • Sentencing Project
  • Southern Center for Human Rights


Reflection activities have incorporated readings such as:

  • Push, by Sapphire
  • The Abolition of Democracy, by Angela Davis
  • Prison and Punishment, by Michel Foucault
  • The Little Book of Restorative Justice, by Howard Zehr
  • The Promise of Mediation, by Baruch, Bush, and Folger


Campus and Organizational Capacity-Building   training  |  fundraising  |  resource development

  • Please add examples 


Research, Policy Analysis, Deliberative Democracy   evaluations  |  policy research  | issue forums  |  advocacy

  • Please add examples  


Contacts   staff  |  faculty  |  students  |  community partners (local, regional, national)

  • Please add names and emails 

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