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University of Texas-Austin

Page history last edited by Emily Chudy 11 years, 11 months ago


University of Texas-Austin

815 Brazos St

Austin, Travis, Texas



CAMPUS AT A GLANCE (brief description)

 Welcome to the University of Texas at Austin, the largest institution of the University of Texas System. The University of Texas at Austin is a major research university home to more than 48,000 students, 2,700 faculty and 19,000 staff members.


What Starts Here Changes the World. Connecting the values and mission of the university to the needs of the state and the nation. Find out how the university changes the world through research and education.


The University of Texas at Austin is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the people of Texas and the United States. We are a leading provider of education and research with a depth and diversity of resources unmatched by most other public universities. As an enduring symbol of the spirit of Texas—big, ambitious and bold—the university drives economic and social progress in Texas and serves our nation as a leading center of knowledge and creativity.


From teaching and research to public service, the university’s activities support its mission and core purpose: 

to transform lives for the benefit of society through the core values of learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity and responsibility.



Location: About 25 minutes South of Round Rock, TX

Enrollment: 36,878

Other interesting tidbits:



Name of Campus-Wide Center: 

Relevant website:


Type of Program:

Year Began:

Bonner Program website:


Number of Bonner Scholars/Leaders:

Active in Bonner AmeriCorps Ed Award:

Active in Other AmeriCorps Ed Award:

Active in Learn & Serve CBR:

Active in FIPSE Civic Ed Certficate/Minor:  



President: William C. Powers, Jr.

Center Director: Mary Ellen Isaacs

Bonner Director: Chetan Makan

Bonner Senior Intern(s):

Bonner Congress Representatives:



MORE ABOUT US (our partners, trips, structure, best or unique practices)

As part of your Annual Report 2008, we ask all campuses to add 1-2 paragraphs here that describe a few highlights of the programmatic activities from this year.  For instance, you may choose to capture an aspect of a very successful trip or a campus-wide service initiatives.  Or you may describe some key work you did with community partners, or your efforts to incorporate community-based research with faculty.  As part of your larger Campus Profile, these few paragraphs should provide a sense of elements that are particularly strong and/or unique about your Bonner Program.  You can delete this instruction text when you are done.


You also want to:

1)  Review the rest of the profile and edit it for accuracy, add photos, and so on.

2)  Click on the link below to take you to a second wiki page where you can submit a more extended program report as part of your Annual Report.



Click here to complete next wiki-based portion of Annual Report.   


Student Leadership Planning:

 Click here for Congress Leadership Plans:

Austin Congress Action Planning



Feel free to upload photos, especially of events like Orientation, First Year Trip, Second Year Exchange, Congress Representatives and Senior Interns, Campus-Wide projects, or the Bonner community.  Provide brief captions if you can.

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