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University of California- Santa Cruz

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University of California-Santa Cruz

1156 High Street, Santa Cruz

CA 95064




UC Santa Cruz has a current enrollment of approximately 15,000 students. Undergraduates pursue course work in 63 majors, and graduate students work toward master's degrees, doctoral degrees, and graduate certificates in 34 academic fields. Above: Students pass through the Science Hill area of the campus, a picturesque cluster of science buildings, including the award-winning Science & Engineering Library.



Location: UC Santa Cruz is located on California’s Monterey Bay – 75 miles south of San Francisco, 45 miles north of Monterey and Carmel, and just over the coastal mountains from Silicon Valley and the San Jose International Airport.


Enrollment: 15000 Students


Interesting Fact: UC Santa Cruz is consistently in the top ten nationally for graduates joining the Peace Corps.  UC Santa Cruz is often the smallest campus among it's peers achieving this distinction.  This fact illustrates that a high percentage of our student population are interested in pursuing endevors which serve humanity upon graduation.



Name of Campus-Wide Center: UCSC Career Center

Relevant website: http://intern.ucsc.edu/bonner


Type of Program: Bonner Leaders

Year Began:2003-04 academic year

Bonner Program website: http://intern.ucsc.edu/bonner


Number of Bonner Scholars/Leaders:

Active in Bonner AmeriCorps Ed Award:15



Chancellor: George Blumenthal

Center Director: Currently in transition

Bonner Director: Barbara Silverthorne

Bonner Senior Intern(s):Callum Rowe

Bonner Congress Representatives: Unable to participate because Congress is held during finals



This year UC Santa Cruz made some bold changes expanding campus involvement, enhancing the educational opportunities for our Bonner Leaders, and focusing our partnerships in the area of human need. 


We created a cross campus collaboration involving several programs which provide service learning opportunities for students.  Participants this year included the Career Center, the Student Volunteer Center, College 9/10 Praxis and Alternative Spring Break. 


We created a new course replacing the previous Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship in the Nonprofit Sector course.  This year Bonner Leaders participated in a course entitled Leadership and Teamwork in the Workplace.  The course is designed to support students in reflecting on and thereby enhancing the experiential learning involved in an internship matching their career goals.  Participants meet weekly to reflect on issues that arise through their experiential learning.  Subject matter includes learning techniques for maximizing the internship experience with a focus on preparing for leadership and teamwork in the workplace.  Assignments each quarter include: a midterm and final; a quarterly internship reflection paper and final presentation focused on the challenges, success, and learning experienced in the internship.  


Sessions incorporate lectures, discussions of assigned readings, guest speakers and experiential learning formats.  The class emphasizes a group study format, requiring active participation in discussions and activities.   


The course objectives are to:

·         Enhance the educational value of the internship experience by helping students set learning and service goals and reflect on internship experience and outcomes.

·         Develop teamwork and leadership skills in the context of the internship and through collaboration with colleagues.

·         Develop an understanding of key internal and relational aspects of leadership and teamwork, which can be learned and practiced to improve effectiveness.

.    Help students appreciate and exploit the leadership and growth opportunities and constraints presented in the internship experience.


Students can choose to take the course for credit or audit and participate in the activities without credit. 


We developed new patnerships with organizations focusing on human need.  Examples include the Needle Exchange, the County Office of Education, Project SCOUT seniors outreach, and the Friday Night Live youth mentoship program.




Click here to complete the

UC Santa Cruz - Bonner AmeriCorps Program Report


Student Leadership Planning:

 Click here for Congress Leadership Plans:

Santa Cruz Congress Action Planning 



Serve 2.0

  • Staff Point Person for project:  name - email
  • Student Point Person for project:  name - email
  • Planning to submit mini-grant proposal:  yes - no
  • Bonner Program or Campus-Wide Wiki status:  created - not created; if yes, provide URL
  • Participating in Bonner Video Project:  yes - no
    • Student BVL (Bonner Video Liaison) contact info posted on link: Bonner Video Liaisons
    • Need a Flip Cam? (we can provide one per campus): yes - no
  • See useful links:  Serve 2.0 Resource Wiki   |   Mini-Grant RFP



  • Using BWBRS 3.0: yes - no - comment
  • Need for additional training:  yes - no - for whom
  • See useful links:  BWBRS 3.0 Help Guide


Bonner AmeriCorps

  • Please list the contact information of the staff and student interns who manage your AmeriCorps Paperwork:
    • Note:  due to the audit and the transition to BWBRS 3, all current AmeriCorps Managers will be scheduled for an AmeriCorps Management Training for 2009 within the first few weeks of the semester. Please schedule this phone call with your Foundation Program Associate as soon as possible.
  • Spring Enrollments 2009:  Please complete this survey right away: AmeriCorps Survey
  • Please note: This survey is for the Spring semester slots only. It does not matter if your campus had previously requested slots and have "left overs." Please fill out this survey to specify how many members your campus will enroll this semester. If you do not want slots, they should fill it in with zeroes. We will be sending out a Summer and Fall request as well, so this is only for this semester. 


Issue-Based Research

  • What issue(s) working group will your campus focus on (in preparation for SLI 2009)? 
    • general issue area
  • Specific topic for issue brief (see Research Guide for help to work with partner in defining):  
    • specific issue brief topic (define by February)
  • Lead contact people for project (staff and/or students, community partner agency):
    • names, titles, phone numbers, emails
  • See useful links:  PolicyOptions Wiki   |  Campus Implementation Guide



Feel free to upload photos, especially of events like Orientation, First Year Trip, Second Year Exchange, Congress Representatives and Senior Interns, Campus-Wide projects, or the Bonner community.  Provide brief captions if you can.

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