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The Roles of a Rep

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Each year, two or more representatives from each Bonner Scholar or Bonner Leader Program are selected—ideally with the input of peers and administrators—to play this important role.  Bonner Congress Representatives serve two or more years and are leaders on their campus and in the network.    

Congress members:

  1. Represent the peers from your program and campus to the Bonner Foundation and to other schools involved in the Bonner Scholar and Leader Programs.
  2. Represent the Bonner Foundation to your Bonner peers and campus.
  3. Represent the Bonner Program to your campus, the nation and the world.


As a Congress Representative, your role is to find ways to strengthen your Bonner Program and empower peers to achieve a big vision — making an impact in our communities, building a campus-wide culture of service, and developing lifelong leaders through civic engagment.  We are committed to ensuring that the Bonner Program and our campsues provide access to education and opportunity to serve for many students.  As a Congress Rep, you will find meaningful ways to enrich your program, serve the community, and engage others on your campus and in the network.  


To be successful as a Congress Rep, you’ll be called upon to lead, inspire, and engage others, including your peers on campus, people in the community, and even in national contexts—like this meeting.  Take the opportunity to develop and practice your leadership abilities and skills.  A Congress Rep communicates vision on campus and across the network, organizes new and better initiatives, and makes positive, lasting change. 

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