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Student Handbook Live

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 General Information | Program | Community Service | Student Leadership

Academic Connections | Resources | Networks | Tools

 Welcome to the brand new Bonner Handbook Live! Here you'll find information, resourses and all of the amazing new Serve 2.0 tools in action. From the history of the Bonner Program to Academic Connections, this handbook is the perfect resource for Bonner students. This resource was designed by students and for students, so you know it's got to be good! Do you have questions about AmeriCorps? Just scroll down to the AmeriCorps link under General Information! Still shaky on the six common commitments? Those are here too! Everything you need to ensure a great Bonner experience can be found here in the Handbook Live and it's always at your fingertips.



ps: LIVE means this handbook is designed so that YOU can edit or comment on any of the pages! Tell us what your Bonner experience has been like and help us make this handbook an interactive example of what it means to be a Bonner!


General Information

Vision Mission History | Bonner Scholars vs. Bonner Leaders | Foundation Staff |  AmeriCorps 

 Welcome to the world of Bonner! This section will give you a crash course in the who, what, when, where, why and how of Bonner, an introduction to the Foundation Staff, all you need to know about Bonner Leaders and Scholars, and answers to all of your questions and concerns about AmeriCorps.



 Student Development Model | Common Commitments | Cornerstone ActivitiesFunding 

 The Bonner Program is also about students' own personal and leadership development.  This section will introduce you to Bonner's Student Development Model, which is a framework for charting your growth through the program. You'll also get a run-through of the six Common Commitments, Cornerstone Activities and some of the relevant funds you should know about. If you find yourself wondering what a cornerstone activity is, this section will get you up to speed.


Community Service

Creating and Maintaining Partnerships | Site Teams and Issues Teams Model | Summer Placements

 We can't do service without involving community partners. This section will guide you through creating and maintining relationships with community partners and how to involve yourself and your Bonner team in meaningful, transformational service both through the school year and during the summer. Another way to develop a long lasting and ultimately deep relationship with a community partner is through Community Based Research.


Student Leadership 

Bonner Student Congress | Bonner Senior Interns | Bonner Student Roles 

 Are you a Bonner Congress representative? A student intern? A Bonner in general? Regardless, you are a leader in your community and on campus. This section introduces you to the Bonner Congress and explores the many roles you can play as a Bonner student.


Academic Connections

Getting Involved in Academic Connections! | Community Based Research | 

Service Learning | Policy Options | Civic Engagement Minor

 At the core of the Bonner mission is Academic Connections. Making the connection between service and the classroom is the heart and soul of the Bonner Program. Check out these pages to find out more about Service Learning, Community Based Research, the Policy Options Initiative and get an in-depth look at the Civic Engagement Minor/Certificate Program. Here you'll discover what these educational oppurtunites are, as well as find schools already participating in them to get a better idea of what connecting learning to service really means.



Book Recommendations | Bonner Training Modules  | Reflection Resources | Post-Graduate Opportunities

Looking for some good, inspirational books related to service and learning? Are you preparing a workshop for your fellow Bonners or your school? Need some help in planning a reflection exercise? This section has all the resources you need to juice up your program with some amazing ideas for reflection, training, and discussion. 



National Bonner Program Network | Bonner Partner Organizations

 Do you need some more contact information with partners and programs outside of your community? This section has a great resource for linking up with other partners all across the country!



BWBRS | Serve 2.0 Social Media Tools | Bonner Blog

 We know how tough Bonner WBRS can be sometimes. So check out the help guide.


And all of the social media tools in the new Serve 2.0 inititave are a bit overwhelming. Well, here you'll find an easy way to navigate through BWBRS and a great guide in understanding Serve 2.0 and all its great online tools!


Finally, catch up with other Bonners! Check out the Bonner Blog or Facebook group.  Post your ideas and questions.




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