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Student Development Model

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Finding Yourself While Serving Others

 The 5 Es |  Skill Development |  Knowledge Development

How do Bonners deepen their service, build upon their skills, and connect their service to their academics?


The 5 Es

The 5 E's are a framework for students' ongoing growth as they develop, apply, and integrate service passions, career interests, leadership skills, and academic pursuits.  Students move through stages of increasing responsibility, skill, and knowledge development, put into practice in service. 
  • Expectation
  • Exploration
  • Experience
  • Example
  • Excellence
  • click here for more details and interactive examples of what Bonners are doing with the 5 E's!


Skill Development 

As part of this journey, Bonners build a comprehensive skill set for being an informed and engaged citizen through acquiring new: 
  • Personal Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Professional Skills
  • click here for more details on what specific skills can be integrated into this process!


Knowledge Development 

We also hope that Bonners explore the deeper issues connected with their service.  As you start to reflect on the root causes, what works and doesn't, and what's needed for long-term solutions, you may find yourself engaged in learning about the issues.  This might be through research at the site or even in a course. The areas to explore are:
  • Public Policy
    • structure and roles of government
    • ways to be involved in shaping public policy
    • analyzing the implications of governmental policies
  • Poverty
    • roots and conditions of poverty
    • implications
    • possible solutions
  • International perspective and issues
    • worldwide distribution of wealth
    • global distribution of food
    • health care
    • environmental concerns
    • click here for more resources on international perspective
  • Issue-based knowledge
    • connected to direct service areas, such as of homelessness or hunger
    • check out how to organize issue-based coalitions for action in your Bonner program by clicking here!
  • Place-based knowledge
    • connected to the place where the student is serving, such as knowledge of local context, history, economics, politics, and issues
    • see how to do this through site-based action teams by clicking here


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