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Starting a Bonner Program

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Below is some background information for colleges and universities interested in starting a Bonner Leader Program on your campus. 




Additional Resources


Below are the powerpoints, handouts, and worksheets from the 2008 New Bonner Directors & Coordinators Meeting.  You can also find these powerpoints on our SlideShare page.


Mission, Vision & Purpose



Mapping Your Approach to the Bonner Program:  A Year-Round Calendar and Self-Assessment Tool


Community Partnerships — Part I : Community Partnerships, Placements, CLAs, and BWBRS 


Community Partnerships — Part 2 : Site-Based Teams, Issues, CBR, & PolicyOptions


 Student Development — Part I:  Meetings, Training, and a Roadmap for Your Students’ Learning


Student Development — Part 2 :  Knowledge, Academic, Connections, & Faculty Engagement 


Building and Using Your Bonner Team and the National Network: Congress Reps, Senior Interns, & Student Leaders with a special focus on the Bonner Network Wiki and Serve 2.0 


Bonner Cornerstone Activities






Campus-Wide Infrastructure


Bonner AmeriCorps


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