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Spelman College

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   Spelman College

 "A Choice to Change the World!"

Spelman College

350 Spelman Lane S.W.

Atlanta, GA



CAMPUS AT A GLANCE (brief description)

Founded in 1881, Spelman is a private, independent, liberal arts, historically black college for women. Spelman ALIVE is an initiative that promotes: Academic Excellence, Leadership Development, Improving Our Environment, Visibility of Our Achievements and Exemplary Customer Service. Spelman College is dedicated to academic excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and the intellectual, creative, ethical and leadership development of its students.  Spelman empowers the whole person to engage the many cultures of the world and inspires a commitment to positive social change.    





Location: Atlanta, GA

Enrollment: 2135 Students

Other interesting tidbits: Spelman is part of the largest consortium of historically Black institutions of higher learning in the world. Its four partner institutions include Clark Atlanta University, the Interdenominational Theological Center, Morehouse College and Morehouse School of Medicine. Spelman shares cross-registration with its undergraduate partners. They also share the Robert W. Woodruff Library.



Name of Campus-Wide Center: The Bonner Office of Community Service and Student Development (BOCSSD)

Relevant website:  www.spelman.edu/service

Type of Program: Bonner Scholars

Year Began: 1992

Bonner Program website: www.spelman.edu/service


Number of Bonner Scholars:  80

Active in Bonner AmeriCorps Ed Award: Create your own Fellowship Program

Active in Other AmeriCorps Ed Award:

Active in Learn & Serve CBR:

Active in FIPSE Civic Ed Certficate/Minor:  



President: Mary Schmidt Campbell

Executive Director of the Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership: Jane Smith

Director, Bonner Office of Community Service & Student Development: Vacant

Bonner Scholars Program Coordinator: Sheryl G. Belizaire, sbelizai@spelman.edu

Bonner Program Assistant: Mellonee Axam, maxam@spelman.edu

Bonner Senior Intern: Karys Belger

Bonner Sophomore Interns: Mariah Slaughter and Payton Olgetree

Bonner Program Associate: Kiara Moore

Junior Administrative Programming Intern: Shakevia Robinson

Bonner Congress Representatives: Tytianna Johnson and Kori Jernigan

Community Impact Interns: Aubree Bowen

Public Relations Intern: Jillian Thomas



MORE ABOUT US (our partners, trips, structure, best or unique practices)

Fun Lab 


Spelman College Junior, Breagan Ricks working with M. Agnes Jones students. She is the founder of Fun Lab.



Students working on their Fun Lab experiment.



Science Fair model.


Spelman Class of 2017 Bonner Scholars working at the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance on Martin Luther King day.


After a long day of community service, Spelman Bonner Scholars donated inspirational books to the young ladies in Girls, Inc. on Martin Luther King day.


Spelman College Class of 2017 Bonner Scholars.



Service in action: Bonner Scholars 2016, Kiara Moore, Kiara Taylor, Jillian Thomas, Louisa MacCormack, and Brianna Baker helped motorists and the homeless stave off hunger during Atlanta's winter storm. These young ladies were recognized by the Spelman Connection to the entire Spelman Community, alumnae, and friends of the college.




Spelman College


Highlights of 2012-2013:



Welcome To Spelman College- Class of 2016 Bonner Scholars 






Spelman College Alternative Spring Break Trip to Belize City, Belize

Picture Collage

March 8-15th, 2013


Spelman College Loves St. Mary's Primary School/Belize City, Belize!







Highlights from 2011-2012

Community Partnerships: 


During the 2011-2012 academic year, the 1st Year Bonner Scholars partnered with the Greening Youth Foundation to provide enivironmental training and certification to the Bonner Scholars and equip them with the resources and knowledge needed for community and youth engagement in sustainable practices. The goal is this project was to educate the next generation of environmental leaders in the communities surrounding the Spelman Campus. Greening Youth Foundation and the 1st Year Bonner Scholars worked with M. Agnes Jones Elementary and Booker T. Washington High School to coordinate and implement practical programs to reduce the environmental footprint of public schools utilizing its twelve-week hands-on environmental education curriculums C.L.E.A.N. (Children Living Energetically Advancing Nature), Eco-Force environmental club, School Wide Recycling Programs, and Energy Conservation and Energy Audit presentations. The students at the schools learned about landfills, reduce-reuse-recycle, energy and water conservation, animal habitats, appreciation of trees, and the importance of proper nutrition and exercise.


During the 2011-2012 academic year, the 2nd Year Bonner Scholars partnered with the Urban Community Development Institute as part of their Rebuilding Your Community Project to provide the Bonner Scholars with a basic framework of community development in inner cities. The goal is this project was to introduce students with an understanding of community development work, problems that often arise, processes involved, and basic, yet, technical components that are necessary to be a building block to move students through more complex aspects of the community development process. Over the couse of eight weeks, the 2nd Year Bonner Scholars participated in various activities that allowed them hands-on experience where they were able to idenfity the neignborhood profile of the community surrounding Spelman, create and development a crime prevention campaign in collaboration with the AUC Center, development a commercial district to bring resources in the community, and to research and idenitfy the homeless problems that plague their environment.


During the 2011-2012 academic year Senior Michaele Evans C' 2012 partnered with Brown Middle School to host their first annual Alternative Spring Break entitled Bonner Academy: Girl's getting down. The alternative spring break program gave the group a first hand experience with being on a college campus. The week consisted of fun activities aimed toward encouraging the girls to attend college or pursue some form of higher education. The program also incorporated self-esteem building  and encouragement while also focusing its attention on the art of volunteerism and giving back. Finally the Bonner Academy alternative spring break program also incorporated health and wellness, teaching the girls the importance of exercise and healthy food choices. 


During the  2011-2012 academic year the leadership team put together Kiesha Knight- Pulliam Communities in Schools Day entitled "Act Like a FIRST Lady" with Finch Elementary School as well as  Herndon Day  with Herndon Elementary school to help expose the a group of elementary school girls to the college environment as well as promote higher education by exposing them to various workshops. In addition to the workshops the group of young ladies also engaged in a course on proper etiquette. 






Student Development:


Bonner Scholars Program Meeting Structure

  • All Bonner Meetings are conducted monthly throughout the semester; topics included branding/imaging - career preparation, City Year Corps Program, Building Relationships, and Senior Capstone of Learning Presentation.
  • Fall semester, our 1st Year Bonner Scholars meet on a weekly basis and spring semester semi-monthly; topics included Being an effective team member, Time Management, Spiritual Exploration, Community Mapping, Conflict Resolution, Personality traits, Group Dynamics and Communication, and Goal Development 
  • Our Sophomore Bonners meet semi-monthly; topics included Rebuilding Your Commnity Series, Impact of Service, Project Planning, Volunteer Management, and Engaging Diverse Communities
  • Our Upper Hand Program consists of Junior and Senior Bonners which meet semi-monthly; topics included Civic Engagement Fellows Program, Spelman Women Empowered Through Professiona Training, Project Coordination, and Emerging Leaders Program 



Bonner Scholars Student Leadership Structure

The Bonner Scholars student Leadership Team (BSLT) consists of the following student leaders:

  • Class Representatives from each classification
  • Bonner Scholars Program Senior Intern 
  • Public Relations Intern
  • Two (2) Sophomore Interns 
  • Two (2) Community Impact Interns
  • Two (2) Bonner Scholar Congress Representatives  




The Sophomore Interns lead the effort along with the 1st Year Bonner Scholars from Spelman and Morehouse Colleges to create the first-ever Bonner Love Video.


2010-2011 Bonner Training and Enrichment Calendar

Fall 2010 Calendar.docx

Spring 2011 Calendar.docx

Fall 2011 Calendar.docxl


Cornerstone Activities:


1st Year Service Trip

Girls Incorporated of Chattanooga

A Service trip for the class of 2019 to Chattanooga, Tennessee 

March 6-9, 2016

The Bonner Scholars Class of 2019 traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee to participate in service projects with Girls Incorporated of Chattanooga. The Class of 2019 worked together with the adolescents and teens of Girls, Inc. to inspire, and help them discover their unique gifts and talents throughout the week by way of workshops and service-minded activities.

To learn more about Girls, Inc of Chattanooga Visit www.girlsincofchatt.org .


Second Year Exchange

On October 17th, 2015, the Class of 2018 Spelman and Morehouse Bonner Scholars engaged in their Sophomore exchange with The Bonner Scholars of Barry College. The Sophomores from all of the participating colleges worked with the Morehouse branch of Jumpstart developing home learning resources for the students of the Jumpstart Program.


Junior or Senior Enrichment Projects 

You Better Belize It!

Belize City, Belize

March 4-13, 2012


The Bonner Class of 2013 and members of the class of 2012 participated an international service trip to Belize City, Belize.  We coordinated with a global service organization called Peaceworks, to plan a dynamic service trip. Peaceworks was chosen because their mission is to strive to alleviate poverty and economic disparity through innovative partnerships of higher education. This correlates with the goals of the Bonner program, to impact our community locally and globally in the areas of health, education, economic development and the environment. The international service trip was designed to incorporate full-immersion into the Belizean culture, cultural activities, enrichment activities, and educational activities with a focus on community service and volunteering with the Belizean people.


This was the first Spelman College Bonner Scholars Program experienced an international service trip, therefore, the goal was to begin a legacy to broaden our impact on more than just the West End Community and other areas in Atlanta, Georgia. Spelman Bonners would like to expand their impact globally and learn more about international economic development, health disparities, educational inequality, and environmental sustainability. As a way to begin this movement, this would be an annual trip for Junior and Senior Bonner scholars during Spring Break. By doing this, we would be able to form a long-term relationship with the Belizean Community and Peaceworks and possibly expand to other countries.

Prior to taking the trip, students educated themselves on the area by completing extensive research, participating in training sessions lead by Peaceworks representatives, and by reaching out to the Belizean community in Atlanta, Georgia.  The research consisted of information regarding Belizean traditions, Belizean history, the positive and negative aspects of their society, disparities and under-developmental issues in their society, as well as, any other information that may be useful while abroad.


Peaceworks planned an itinerary for the students to include a tour of Belize City, including schools, churches, health clinics, food market, bus station, impoverished communities alongside Belize’s polluted river, waterfront, and local cultural institutions. Students also met community and student leaders and learned more about them while conversing over dinner, during the first two nights. On the following day, students toured the Anglican Cathedral College, met faculty and students of the Youth Leadership Council (YLC). During this time, Spelman students collaborated with these student leaders and planned events and service projects for the week. Monday through Friday consisted of the implementation of the projects, initiatives, workshops, tutoring, training, and mentoring planned during the previous day. Students participated in various service activities, such as:


-          Tutoring students on school standardized tests, homework, projects of ACC students during school hours, assist teachers with lessons.

-          Execution of workshops (Topics may include: Self-empowerment, Leadership, Team Building, Life Skills, Money Management, Community Service, Multicultural Mediation, Career Counseling, etc)

-          Training YLC members to create their own workshops for students at the ACC

-          Collaborating with the YLC and other student groups in growing and developing effective systems for Student Group; meetings, membership, school functions, collaborating with other      

            high schools and student groups

-          Mentorship for the youth to meet with principals, plan annual programming and create structures for leadership that last throughout the year

-          Support YLC in planning community and education projects that they hope to execute this year

-          HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign and education at the ACC, training YLC members to be HIV/AIDS educators

-          Set up a system of continued communication and mentorship between Spelman Bonner Scholars and YLC leaders, throughout the year by way of video conference, email, and/or letters

-          Paint a mural at the ACC alongside students to celebrate their culture and leadership


In addition to the service activities, students also visited Altun Ha Archeological Site, which features a medium sized Mayan site, that was set in a tropical jungle. This gave students a unique experience and view of the Maya and biological diversity. Students also visite Caye Caulker, an island off the coast of Belize City. Students were be able to see, first-hand, the impact of pollution on the environment.


This was an once in a lifetime opportunity and this international trip served as a catalyst for more global involvement and a longing for a relationship with this Belizean community. 



Senior Capstone Presentation of Learning

The Class of 2012 closed out there year of service in style developing a creative and interactive Senior Capstone presentation entitled Bonner's Most Wanted: The Inside Scoop on those Bonner Bandits. The presentation was set up in phases that chronicled the life and service expereinces of the Senior class over the past 4 years. Each phase went into detail about the various service projects and initiatives done within each year and at the end of each phase groups of students were given various clues about a member of the senior class. After all of the phases were completed and clues were given each group of students were allowed to guess which member of the senior class they had the clues to.


Campus-wide Collaborations:


Senior Class Project 2011 

The Senior Class of 2012 class initiative entitled Eye Am Hear: Raising Awareness For Disability was an initiative aimed at raising awareness about disabilities and make the subject of disabilities more approachable and relatable within the Bonner Program. The initative activities included separating the larger group into smaller groups that were assigned a specific disabilities and engaged in the activity as though they themselves were experiencing that disability.


Junior Class Project 2011

The Junior Class of 2013 class project, entitiled Fitness: Fun Day focused on teaching local elementary school children the importance of healthy eating and activity habits. The project taught the participants the importance of developing healthy eating habits as well as how to use the food pyramid when making meals. The project also focused on the importance of fitness and engaged the students in various exercise activities from dance to basketball to an obstacle course.

The Bonner Class of 2013 also continued with their Bonner Against Breast Cancer Initiative, this year the class not only continued with their "Save the Cupcake" initiative but they also sold raffle tickets, bracelets and pins to the students body to healp raise over $1500 dollars for the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer foundation. The class also created a Breast Cancer Banner that hung in the student common area, where students and faculty could write a message of love or support for those they know who were suffering from the disease, this banner was also donated to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer foundation and hung in the Welcome Tent on the day of the local Atlanta Walk/Run. On the last day of their initiative the class held a "Pink Friday" event where they sold shirts and raffled off Breast Cancer goodie bags.


Sophomore Class Project 2011


The Sophomore Class of 2014, class project, entitled Adventures in Culture: International Day engaged local 5th thru 7th grade students of Kipp Strive and Atlanta Preparatory Academy's in various activities aimed at enlightening them about the global community around them. The class prepared various activities separated by continent and engaged the students in the culture of each significant country within the continent from flags and cultural dances to art and cultural foods.

The Sophomore Class of 2014 engaged the Spelman campus in an intiative entitled " I Saved an Artist" during National Youth Art Month. The initiative was aimed at raising supplies and money to increase the awareness about Youth Art Month and the importance of Art for the youth. The Class sponsored a Talent show for the Atlanta University community to come and show their art, using the donations of money or art supplies as an entrance fee. Along with the donations of money and supplies, the students also sold t-shirts and raised over $500 in donations and Art Supplies for the local elementary school partners.


First Year Project 2011 

The First Year Class of 2015 class project, entitled "Saving Our Sisters: A sister is a Friend who Has a Heart to Listen" was a project aimed at encouraging young girls to develop self-worth and leadership withing their homes and communities, by way of mentorship. The overall goal of this project was to inspire girls to develop healthy relationships with others as well as help them tap into their individual talents in order to reach their full potential. The class hosted a series of events with topic ranging from relationships to self esteem and future planning.


Students' Campus Wide Collaborations:


Last semester, Janine Gates, Class of 2013, joined Taking Action To Overcome Obesity (T.A.T.O.O.) to assist with planning K!DZ Walk. K!DZ Walk 2012 initiated a movement of families taking action against obesity and all of its side effects. T.A.T.O.O. hosted K!DZ Walk 2012 as a collaborative effort with local community organizations and neighborhood groups, as well as colleges and universities; hence, we expected a wide range of children, families, and college students to participate in this exciting day as part of a continued effort to combat obesity.

Bonners served as volunteers and assisted with registration, all activities, lunch, the walk, and other miscellaneous tasks. During the program, we had various fitness and healthy eating activities for all ages. Registration began at seven am. Once a family was registered, the family could participate with the warm up activities, which included Stretching: Kiddie Zumba, Wii Fit, and Adult Move Your Body. The walk began at nine am to noon and each person had an opportunity to walk 1.7 or 3.14 miles. After the walk, each person was suggested to attend all workshops. The workshops were Get Fit and Cool Down, Zumba, Power Yoga, Body Measurements, Basketball, Obstacle Course, Soccer, Relay Race, Dance clinics, and Nutrition. At noon, we served lunch and from lunch we had a closing ceremony.

There were about one hundred fifty participants; we had Spelman Bonners, staff, students, Clark Atlanta University and Morehouse students, and students and families from local schools and communities.


Students' Projects and Programs:

Jainabou Barry, Class of 2014, started an Engineering Program at M. Agnes Jones Elementary. At M. Agnes Jones Elementary, many of the children come from communities that have problems, but they do not believe that they have the capacity to change them and just accept things the way they are. This program will give them the tools, motivation, and drive to solve these problems in their community and with themselves. Another motivating factor for this program is the underrepresentation of African-Americans in Engineering. This program will give the kids a first-hand experience to what engineering is and how they can be engineers. The kids will be taught that they have the tools and capacity to solve problems in their school and community and eventually the world, as long as they identify a problem and plan a practicable solution. This program will be centered on the concept of problem solving: using math, science, and critical thinking to solve problems in your community. The program will be geared toward 4th and 5th graders who have begun to think about their future and how they can address some of the problems in their community and school. This will begin as an in class project and eventually lead into a Saturday program where they can implement their “solutions” to the problems we have addressed. This program will begin as an After-School enrichment program for young children but eventually lead into a Saturday program.


Brittany Botts, Class of 2014, launched Peace + Love Atlanta University Center in January of 2012. Her platform was to spread Peace and Love to the AUC by engaging her fellow college peers in service. Through service, she realized that AUC students could come together and make a difference by reaching out to students in Atlanta public high schools and encouraging them to choose Peace and Love instead of violence.

There are currently three different Peace & Love AUC service initiatives and 75 registered volunteers from the AUC. The Art of Peace and Love School Tours unites a talented team of poets, singers, speakers, and rappers who travel to local Atlanta public schools every other month to perform pieces about peace, love, and overcoming violence in a 90 minute assembly.  These college students motivate high school students to choose Peace and Love as a tool to negotiate life. During the assembly, students are engaged in conversation and those who participate receive free Peace and Love paraphernalia. Brittany plans on continuing Peace and Love AUC for the four years she attends Spelman College and hopes to pass it down to her younger Spelman sisters in the future.


Tayler Ulmer, Class of 2014, started My Brother's Keeper, which was achieved through a partnership with Bonner, KIPP Strive, and Morehouse's Samuel T. Graves Hall. I organized and facilitated a day’s worth of events to encourage twenty seventh grade males to attend college and expand their perception about the college expereince. During this day, the boys were welcomed by Morehouse students with a banner and chants, went on a tour of Morehouse, enjoyed Chick-Fil-A, recieved a personalized note pad and tshirt, and was paired with a mentor from Graves Hall. They also were able to view various performances from Jalen Lawson (video), Peace and Love, and a step by Alpha Ro. It was an extremely successful event, and both KIPP Strive and Grave's Hall asked for it to return.

Besides My Brother's Keeper, I created an art program with students at KIPP. I taught them about the color wheel and the basics of art. We were able to create an art piece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made from dominoes, a quilt, and we are in the process of completing a painting on the pillars in the cafeteria. 



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