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Service Abroad Handbook - Table of Contents

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Table of Contents



1. The Bonner Foundation & International Service
  • Brief introduction to the Bonner Foundation
  • Commitment to international service
  • Policies/Funding Issues for Bonner Scholars and Bonner Leaders
2. Studying Abroad: Tools & Tips
  • Fact sheet/brief introductory pages which address issues like:
    • Length of time for abroad experience (semester, summer, year-long, alternative break)
    • Finding a study abroad program (through university programs, self-directed abroad experiences, various third party agencies, etc)
    • Choosing a world region: languages, culture shock, women’s issues, political/ethnic conflict, safety/health, etc.
    • Emergency/general packing list
    • Communication tips
    • Visa/customs tips
3. Serving Abroad: Tools & Tips
  • Fact sheet/brief introductory pages which address issues like:
    • Where you are in the Student Development Model
    • Which issues your previous Bonner service has addressed (continue with that issue? Do something new while abroad?)
    • Choosing a service site
    • Explaining the Bonner Program to your site
    • Ethics of the agency
    • History of the issue
    • Demographics of the community being served
    • Cultural sensitivity
    • Understanding privilege (unpacking your own culture/ethnicity/opportunities/considering people’s perspectives of you)
4. Bonners Abroad: Real-Life Stories
  • 5-6 Stories of Bonners Abroad that includes
    • their service
    • their reflection
    • challenges
    • successes
    • recommendations
    • emphasis on the Bonner Student Development Model
  • and is illustrated by
    • article
    • quotes
    • photos
    • fact sheet (what university, what country, what issue)
    • blog links
5. International Partner Directory
  • By location
  • By issue area
  • By type of service
6. Sample Planning Guide
  • Planning/Action Timeline, which is supplemented by worksheets:
    • Choosing a World Region
    • Choosing a Site: A Checklist
    • Safety Checklist/Resources
    • Health Checklist/Resources
    • Communication Checklist/Resources
7. Introducing the Bonner Program to Your Service Site
A Companion to the Service Abroad Handbook
Note: This section is intended for the service site. Bonner students serving abroad will be encouraged to read through this section and give it to their service site supervisor, so that the agency better understands the Bonner program and can more effectively work with the volunteer.
  • Introduction to the Bonner Foundation
    • Vision/Mission/History (Access to Education, Opportunity to Serve)
    • Student Development Model
    • Common Commitments
  • Service Site Expectations/Guidelines
    • Volunteer Development
    • Site Supervisor
    • CLA
    • Hour Logs

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