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Service Abroad - Sample Service Abroad Application

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Administrator's Guide

Preparation Materials

Sample Service Abroad Application


It is a good idea for you to develop a service abroad application to provide some structure around students’ selection of service sites abroad. Utilizing an application provides a framework for one-on-one meetings with students going abroad and solidifies important contact details of their personal address abroad and service site information. Here is a sample application.
Downloadable Word Document Version:
Upload your own Service Abroad Application here:


Study Abroad Service Application 

University of Richmond Bonner Scholars Program
This application will help you validate a service site and submit the required paperwork.  The Bonner Coordinator will be your main contact while abroad, so submit all paperwork to him.  The Bonner Scholars Program anticipates that you will complete the 120 minimum hour requirement through one organization.  If, under some special circumstance, you feel that you will need to work with more than one organization to complete the requirement, you MUST speak with the BSP Coordinator for approval. 
Required Paperwork

Study Abroad Service Application


Community Learning Agreement (BWBRS)

You must submit your CLA on BWBRS before you can log service hours in the system.

Hour Logs and Write Ups
Given the range of types of service you can perform and the different academic calendars of foreign institutions, work with your Bonner coordinator to create a timeline for when you will submit hour logs and write ups.   
Submitting the Paperwork
The Study Abroad Service Application, CLA, hour logs, and write ups should be faxed to 804.484.1633 or scanned and e-mailed to the Bonner Coordinator.  They can also be mailed to:
Bryan Figura, Coordinator
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond
Richmond, VA 23173


Service Site Checklist 


The checklist below will help ensure (though it won’t guarantee) the validity of a service site  that your Bonner Program may be unfamiliar with. If more than 2 or 3 of these are not true, then the program may not be as official as it seems. Utilizing programs that meet the requirements below will help ensure (but not guarantee) a safe experience with a trustworthy organization. The Bonner staff anticipates that you will utilize this checklist and will not approve a site that does not meet a minimum of the 6 criteria below.


 A clear, well-designed (however basic) website that has complete information and is regularly updated. It doesn’t have to be fancy or cutting-edge, but it does have to be professional-looking, ideally with NO popup ads.


 Look at the site’s domain registration information at www.whois.net. If the site is official, the company’s information should be listed as the domain owner.


 Make sure the URL domain is correct when you visit the site. Click on any images and links to make sure you aren’t redirected to a site within another domain.


 Always look for the padlock icon. When a site is secure, you’ll see a padlock in the status bar or at the bottom of your browser window. Look for the lock before you enter any private information, including your password.


 Check that there is a list of staff/faculty/program organizers, and their e-mail addresses and phone numbers.


 A lot of programs have a list of collaborating organizations of universities who have previously sent students on a program-- see if there is any information like this on the website, and get in touch with previous participants.


 Make sure there is complete information on the program details (Consider details like the population served, the location of service, dates and costs, the insurance coverage, etc.)


 Look for a reference from another area nonprofit or academic institution and/or former students who can confirm the program’s legitimacy. Try www.idealist.org as well.


 You should receive timely responses from the program regarding questions or concerns.


 Google the name of the program to see whether any articles or posts have been published referring to lawsuits, credibility, etc.





Study Abroad Service Form

University of Richmond Bonner Scholars Program


Student Information


Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 


Mailing Address While Abroad (School Address if Unknown): 






          City                                                                                           Country/State                                            Zip


Cell Phone Number: _________________________________                     Home Phone Number: _____________________________


Study Abroad Phone Number:_________________________                      Study Abroad  E-mail:_____________________________


Will you have Internet and email access?  ______Yes  ______No                Will you have cell phone access?  _______Yes   ______No


Study Abroad Service Site Information


Study Abroad Service Agency Name: _____________________________________________________________________________


Supervisor Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


Supervisor’s Title: ____________________________________________________________________________________________


Agency Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________



          City                                                                                             Country/State                                                       Zip


Agency Phone Number: ______________________________ _____          Fax: ___________________________________________


Supervisor’s Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________


Agency Website: _____________________________________________________________________________________________


How did you hear about this organization?  ________________________________________________________________________


If its non-Bonner approved, have you utilized the “Checklist for Validating a Program/Website?”  _____ Yes   _____ No




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