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Service Abroad - Reflection Workbook for Bonners Abroad

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Administrator's Guide

Facilitating Reflection

Reflection Workbook for Bonners Abroad


A best practice and sample from Davidson College, this workbook is designed for students while abroad. It features narratives, suggested readings, and reflection prompts for students to complete during their journey abroad. If completed, the students can gain Training & Enrichment hours for their submitted work.
Download the workbook as a Word Document here:


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What If I Can’t Do Direct Service?: Workbook for Bonners Abroad
Reflection Activities and Alternatives for the Davidson College BSP
Greetings from Davidson!  If you are reading this document than you have decided to spend a semester abroad.  You may be worried about fulfilling your service requirement while you’re away from campus. Direct service hours may be more difficult to complete but don’t worry – you’ll get there! The Bonner office has developed a comprehensive training and enrichment plan just for YOU!  In the attempt to ensure that everyone actually fulfills their requirements and enjoys doing so, you will find various opportunities below which will help you achieve your goal of completing all of your Bonner hours.  
There are four reflection components which cover a broad range of topics and allow you to use different media to convey your thoughts and ideas. The reflection activities are to be completed in numerical order, so please begin with reflection component #1 and end with reflection component #4. Each component includes reflection activities about different aspects of your experience, from the beginning to the end. These activities have been developed to incorporate various aspects of the Bonner Scholars Program and it is important that you make completing these activities a priority. 
All we ask is that you complete each of the reflection components. We encourage you to be as creative as possible, but also realize that there may be limits to that creativity due to limited resources. If you are able, we would love for you to utilize technology as much as possible to complete your reflection activities. This means if you are able to video blog, web blog, or create online photo journals; please take the opportunity to do so. On the other hand, if you do not have access to these resources, a regular pad and pencil will do the trick. Please consider keeping a private journal in addition to your service journal while you’re abroad. 
When you arrive back in Davidson, you will be asked to present your reflections to your fellow Bonners class in a semester class meeting. 
...click the link to the downloadable document above to view the rest of this workbook!

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