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Service Abroad - Reflecting Back On Campus

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Administrator's Guide

Facilitating Reflection

Reflecting Back on Campus


If your Bonner students engage in some sort of reflection activity (like the sample reflection packet on pages 16-21) it is best to extend that reflection in ways that contribute and build onto your Bonner program. Here are some examples on how other schools in the network are doing it. 

Welcome Back Event

Celebrating experiences abroad, reengaging with commitments at home
Host some sort of event each semester for students who have recently returned from abroad. Often times, your study abroad office may already offer something, but it is important that your students are welcomed back and have the chance to reflect in a Bonner context. Also try to incorporate exposure to international students, relevant organizations, or local populations so that the experience can be more continuous.

Service Abroad Binder

A service abroad resource manual for Bonners, by Bonners
Have students collect information on their service site abroad (pamphlets, flyers, etc.) to be added to a binder so that prospective service abroad students have some initial reference points. Be sure to include the student’s site evaluation or any other reflection materials as well, so that prospective students can have a full understanding of the site’s expectations and the student’s experience.

International Perspective Monthly Meeting

A monthly meeting focused on one of the Bonner Common Commitments
At this meeting, invite students who have served abroad to present on their experiences.

Senior Presentations of Learning

Making service abroad experiences an integrated part of the POLs
Encourage students to include their experiences abroad into their POLs and invite underclassmen Bonners (particularly those interested in serving abroad) to attend.

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