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Service Abroad - Preparation Materials

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Administrator's Guide

Preparation Materials Overview


For many successful Bonner Programs, students serve domestically and internationally on issue areas that matter most to them. Many nationwide Bonner programs succeed in providing deep and meaningful connections with domestic service sites and partners, and this resource guide seeks to expand these connections on the global scale. 
In the creation of this resource, information was gathered from several campuses and staff members and it was apparent that programs throughout the country are on multiple stages of integrating service abroad. Some administrators work in campuses that have thriving study abroad centers with accessible and relevant resources, whereas some campuses have study abroad initiatives that are in fledgling development.
This section aims to provide you with tools to either begin integrating service abroad into your program or strengthen an existing process. This section includes:
Best practices gathered from the network on gaining campus support around service abroad.
Strategies on introducing various service abroad opportunities and resources to your Bonners and how to use existing program features (meetings, cornerstone activities, etc.) to create an interest in service abroad experiences.
International Partner Directory (note: clicking this link will lead you away from this handbook)
A useful tool for helping students find service sites abroad.
A real example from the network which helps to formalize the process.
Finally, be sure to read the Service Abroad Handbook (Service Abroad Handbook.pdf) for students and the companion guide for introducing the Bonner program to international service partners, the Service Partner Guide (Service Partner Guide.pdf). They contain many details aimed to help you, the staff member, guide and manage this process.


 Next Chapter: Managing Students Abroad


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