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Service Abroad - Coming Back Home

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Serving Abroad: Tools & Tips 

Coming Back Home

Tips on Smoothing the Transition


Process and reflection on your time abroad

1) Make a scrapbook, write a journal – this will help you process all the great things you did and learned abroad, as well as make sure you remember them for years to come! You can add pictures, train tickets, emails you sent to family and friends back home, school work you are particularly proud of, and all sorts of souvenirs you collected from your time studying abroad. 

2) Make a list of your favorite memories, the most important things you learned, and what you do not want to forget. 

3) Recognize what your biggest challenges may be when returning home.  Write them down as a way to face these challenges. 

4) Keep in contact with people you met abroad.  Get addresses of friends before you leave your host city so you can send them letters once you get back home. 


Integrate your international experience into your social/leisure time

1) Connect with other past participants, future participants, or international students from your host country on your campus.  They will be able to share in your excitement and will be able to connect with your experiences. 

2) Make time to attend cultural events on campus and in the community. 

3) Go to ethnic restaurants in your home or university community. 


Integrate your international experience into your extra-curriculars

1) Join an international themed group on campus.

2) Volunteer with local groups that focus on issues based in your area/country of interest. 

3) Join an action network that is focused on international issues:  www.engagetheworld.org (network of returned study abroad students) or www.aidemocracy.org (Americans for Informed Democracy)


Integrate your international experience into your academics

1) Complete an independent study, thesis, or senior project based on issues you learned about while abroad. 

2) Write an article to your school newspaper about what you learned abroad. 

3) Research graduate programs abroad, fellowships, research grants with an international focus, etc. 

4) Take courses with an international focus. 

5) Connect with professors who are interested in the same areas, countries, and issues as you.



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