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Senior Intern Goals for 2009-2010 Academic Year

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2010 Challenge: What will Senior Interns do to make this year amazing?

At the 2009 Student Leadership Conference at Stetson University in Florida, Bonner Foundation President Wayne Meisel asked Senior Interns to set goals for this upcoming year. See what their ideas were here.
Soon, we will be organizing these goals into workgroup categories so that Senior Interns can collaborate to achieve similar goals on the Senior Intern Group page on the Bonner Network Forum. Check it out and stay tuned!


Oberlin College-Maggie Ainsworth

1) Get to know as many Bonners as well as possible-Make own connections to connect others 



Juniata College-Samantha DeLattre

1) Create a relationship between the upperclassmen Bonners and new Bonners

2) Make the Bonner program more well known on campus

3) Create service trips so the whole group can serve and bond together

4) Recruit amazing studentts in the Freshman class

5) Create more partner relationships in the community 



Carson-Newman College-Derek Voiles

1) Be a go-between for students and staff.

2) Be an assistant and a leader



University of Richmond-Kelly Behrend

1) Create site-based team system that works

2) Create a study abroad service handbook with tools, tips and contacts abroad for better connecting Bonner to the world/exposing students to issues in a broadened global context


University of Richmond-Zachary Ferguson

1) Create issue-based program that connects Bonners at U of R to the campus community as well as our community partners

2) Help plan and host and awesome Bonner Congress in the Fall


University of Richmond-Zoe Silverman

1) Make sure Freshman Bonners' transition is as smooth as possible



Montclair State University-Nicholas Jones

1) Make Bonner known on campus

2) Ensure 20 Bonners in program before graduating

3) Engage many students on campus in community service as well as inform them on issues that affect the community



Montclair State University-Ashley Cornelison

1) Keep all Bonners, new and old, motivated

2) Bring policy research to our program

3) Get other students motivated to create change in our community (i.e. through service)




Edgewood College

1) Recruit volunteers for service

2) Create awareness on campus about issues


Edgewood College-Brianna Yates

1) Bridge the gap between AmeriCorps and community scholars to become one big Bonner school



Earlham College-Topher Weiss-Lehman

1) Increase outreach to non-Bonners 

2) Increase involvement in environmental movements on campus

3) Incorporate community partners into academics

4) Encourage collaboration with DePauw on passing environmental House Bills

5) Mentor younger Bonners in convening roles of committees and service sites


Earlham College-Margaret

1) Get professors on campus involved with Bonner

2) Utilize social media, like Facebook and Twitter.

3) Design and Idealist.org type website to connect service sites to volunteers



Saint Mary's College of California-Malena Hernandez

1) Help Bonner leaders in my program understand that they should be passionate about service



Lindsey-Wilson College

1) Be a liaison between the Bonner Program, Director, Coordinator, Bonners, Foundation, Campus, Community Partners, etc.

2) Meet with Congress Reps to discuss important issues

3) Equip rising Senior Intern with tools and skills necessary to keep our program going smoothly


Lindsey-Wilson College-Cherise Mingus

1) To empower other Bonners to exceed expectations


Lindsey-Willson College

1) Work with Bonners to strengthen their skills and sense of empowerment to directly approach faculty, community partners, policy makers, and institutional administrators as well as national leaders, on issues they care about, learning to the next levels, developing the professional skills needed to take action and grow awareness, and to increase the number of engaged faculty in CBR/SL.



Washburn University-Jake Thomas

1) Build on-campus relations (Bonner and otherwise) to empower and engage students in helping the Topeka community



Ferrum College-Sade Conyers

1) Get Bonners not involved in leadership roles to be more involved in decision making and brainstorming process of the program

2) Let Bonners have a voice on what they would like to see in the program

3) Allow Bonners to have a hand in planning service trips

4) Get Bonner better known on campus



Berea College-Darrius Hardwick

1) Bridge the gap between our Freshman and Upperclass Bonners

2) Be flexible and helpful to our Bonners



Wofford-Jessica Holcomb

1) I plan to get the job done to best of my ability



Spelman College-Leanna Pearson

1) I plan to be the best me I can be



Berry College-Nick Foshee

1) Have socials to create better ties between our Bonners



Augsburg College-Maddie Jensen

1) Increase training and enrichment for first year Bonners

2) Plan an orientation that takes students to the sites and through our community

3) Get Bonners more connected to one another



Rider University-Chelsea Kovacs

1) Create a Bonner Leadership Council



Defiance College-Emily Darlington

1) Get the campus more aware of the communities needs through speaking in Freshman seminars and informing them that they can help and we need their help

2) Educating campus on the Bonner program


Stetson University-Maggie S

1) Establish an issue-based team via our lead team to aid in the development of more engaging service sties and involved community partners



Lynchburg College-Kristin Bell

1) Be there for students

2) Site based groups and strengths

3) Connect with students on a more personal level





1) Set up a leadership team

2) try to plan and get all Bonners to help fundraise for another international service trip this year



College of Saint Benedict/Saint Johns University-Lindsey Cermak

1) I will work to develop the senior intern position on our campus

2) I will work with Marah to develop a first-year training and enrichment calendar over this summer so we are ready in the Fall to accept our 1st class

3) I will work to develop an individual relationship with each Bonner through one-on-one meetings a couple times each semester



Lees-Mcrae College 

1) Create expectations for the Intern and Congress

2) Create a pact with community leaders, get them involved with our program and campus

3) Have students in leadership positions-give them a job to build confidence

4) Help students find their passion!



Union College-Ashley Brown

1) Be there for my peers/program (open-door policy)

2) Try to develop a leadership council

3) Be organized and leave information for future interns

4) Work towards setting a future for myself in the Bonner program

5) Get more partners/organizations involved with Bonner

6) Work to get our Bonner Program to get to be a "family" oriented group



Morehouse College




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