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Self Assessment Tool

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The Bonner Program aims to impact three areas—student development, community impact, and campus infrastructure.  Since its initial creation in 1990, the Bonner Program has continued to develop facets of its frameworks and supporting tools, resources, and work with campuses to achieve excellence in these areas.  


We have created a rubric for program planning, management and monitoring entitled the Self-Assessment Tool for Bonner Programs and Host Campuses.  This has been designed to bring together the most important indicators of a high-quality, comprehensive program.  It has been designed to provide campus staff who build and manage the Bonner Program and other civic engagement initiatives with a set of key guidelines for which to strive. Like our student development framework, it is developmental, recognizing that programs can build and strengthen their work through intentionality and focus.


The Bonner Foundation encourages campus Bonner Program staff to complete this self-assessment as part of a broader effort to guide our work with you.  We suggest you do so in a way that also involves appropriate stakeholders — students, community partners, faculty, and administrators — in strategic ways, where these respective individuals and groups may have relevant knowledge and input.  We suggest programs revisit this tool annually (hence, its connection with the Annual Report), but also around times of transition.


Your self-assessment can serve as a reference point for ongoing conversations with you and others on your campus about the next steps and stages of program development, management, and growth of the Bonner Program and your broader campus’s work in civic engagement and education.


Download the document (PDF format) here:  Bonner Program Self Assessment Tool


Annual Reporting


One section of the Annual Report Guidelines may also ask you to revisit the Self-Assessment  Tool and complete a letter with your reflections on it.  Each year, we revise the guidelines and sometimes the questions for focus in the report.  


Click here for the 2008-2009 Annual Report Guidelines.


Download PDF here:  Bonner Program Self Assessment Tool 


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