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Reflection Input Tutorial

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Reflection Input Tutorial

Tutorial | Sample

Use this short tutorial to add your own reflections to the Sample Reflections page. After looking through the steps, practice playing around with the sample table below to see how it is done.



Learn how to input your own reflection resources into the Sample Reflections page.


Step 1:

Well...you need to click the EDIT tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: 

If there is space on the table, you can choose that space to add your new reflection. If not, you need to add a row. To add a row simply right click on the table (ctrl 'Click' on a Mac). Select "Rows" and then "Add Row Below".

Step 3:

In your box, place the Title, centered on the top line (use Header 1 Format).

Step 4:

On the second line place a picture representing your reflection. To add a picture from your computer choose the Images and Files tab on the right. Click "Choose File" and browse to find the image you want on your Personal Computer. After adding the image place it in your box by clicking where you want the pic to go and then select the picture on the right (Click its title). Right click on the picture to change its properties (including its size)

Step 5: 

Add a description in normal text under the picture. Center the text.

Step 6:

Link to the PDF or DOC file of your reflection. To add a file click the Images and Files tab to the right. Select "Choose File" to find the reflection file on your computer. Click in the box under the summary text and then select the file that you just uploaded. Your link should appear. (You can change the title of the file without disrupting the link.) 

Step 7:

Don't forget to "Save" (Bottom of screen).



A sample of what you find on the Sample Reflections page for you to play around with.


Title (Centered)

Picture (Centered)

Text (Centered)


File Link

Title (Centered) 

A mock introduction/summary of a Reflection.

 Sample Reflection.doc






Return to Sample Reflection Resources page.


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