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Quarter 2 - TASK

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Section 1: Demographics


Please place text next to or below each bullet point.


  • Number of individuals who have applied to your AmeriCorps positions: 0

  • Number of volunteers who are recruited, coordinated or supported by your program: 2,500

  • Number of disadvantaged youth serving as volunteers: 0

  • Number of individuals enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a community, professional or technical college,

    or within a undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university who serve as volunteers: 175
  • Number of individuals born between 1946 and 1964 who serve as volunteers:  500


Section 2: Performance Measures


Please place text next to or below each bullet point.


  • Number of volunteers recruited: 8

  • Number of volunteer hours contributed: 625


Section 3: Strategic Initiatives


Below are the CNCS Strategic Initiatives, please give at least one example of activity that addresses at least one strategic initiative that your program has addressed. This may or may not be related to a performance measure. Describe the activity, including need that was addressed; local collaborations or partners; service activity; and results.


Mobilizing more volunteers


Ensuring a brighter future for America's youth


Engaging students in communities - Our members engage students to come to TASK. Many school groups bring donations and recruit student volunteers to tour and learn about TASK. Our member interacts with students and engages students to make TASK their community partner. For example, our member presented to a girl scout troop and now those scouts volunteer monthly on the TASK serving line.


Harnessing Baby Boomers’ experience 


Section 4: Great Stories


Highlight member activities which are especially reflective of the impact the program has in the community, or which illustrate an innovative or highly successful aspect of program operation.  


One member has taken over TASK's monthly birthday program.  She has become active with a local girl scout troop and the troop is now baking homemade cakes to distribute once a month to patrons born in that month. The impact of this activity on our patrons has been very positive.  Many of our patrons are alone without family and this allows them to celebrate their special day.



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