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Quarter 2 - Habitat

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Section 1: Demographics


Please place text next to or below each bullet point.


  • Number of individuals who have applied to your AmeriCorps positions:  12

  • Number of volunteers who are recruited, coordinated or supported by your program:  2,200

  • Number of disadvantaged youth serving as volunteers: 130

  • Number of individuals enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a community, professional or technical college,

    or within a undergraduate or graduate program at a college or university who serve as volunteers: 400
  • Number of individuals born between 1946 and 1964 who serve as volunteers:  


Section 2: Performance Measures


Please place text next to or below each bullet point.


  • Number of volunteers recruited: 350

  • Number of volunteer hours contributed: 2,800


Section 3: Strategic Initiatives


Below are the CNCS Strategic Initiatives, please give at least one example of activity that addresses at least one strategic initiative that your program has addressed. This may or may not be related to a performance measure. Describe the activity, including need that was addressed; local collaborations or partners; service activity; and results.


Mobilizing more volunteers

Habitat Trenton is able to meet its mission of building quality, affordable homes with those in need through the generosity of volunteers.  The volunteers who support Habitat come from area businesses, civic groups, colleges, churches, and the community at large.


Ensuring a brighter future for America's youth

Habitat Trenton realized to build a healthy sustainable community it must also provide community services to area families.  Habitat serves Trenton area youth through The East Trenton Center, a subsidiary of Habitat-Trenton.  The center serves as a community resource for area youth with programs that help address basic life skills as well as enrichment activities. 


Engaging students in communities  

Habitat Trenton is fortunate to have several higher learning institutions in close proximity to our focus area.  Students from area schools, colleges and universities, as well as those from alternate education paths join Habitat in its efforts in the Trenton Area.  Bonner scholars from The College of NJ, Rider University, and Mercer County Community College, are actively involved in the Habitat's construction activities as well as activities offered through the East Trenton Center.  Dedicated students from Princeton University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and various college chapters of 

Habitat for Humanity also commit many, many hours toward Habitat's work.



Harnessing Baby Boomers’ experience 

Habitat Trenton has volunteers ranging from 16 years to 60+.  The affiliate benefits from a contingent of retirees who volunteer on a regular basis.  These volunteers work on the construction site, in the back office, and in the learning center.  Their professional experience combined with their commitment to Habitat provides the affiliate with volunteer leaders.  The greatest benefit is that bonds are formed between the volunteers and residents thus strengthening the community.



Section 4: Great Stories


Highlight member activities which are especially reflective of the impact the program has in the community, or which illustrate an innovative or highly successful aspect of program operation.  





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