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Policy Options

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Policy Options in a Nutshell

What is Policy Options?| Link to Policy Options.org| Screencast Guide

This page is a guide to understanding Policy Options and Policyoptions.org The Policy Options inititave was started to create a link between service and public policy. Without the necessary information and statstics, one doing service does not know where problems lay in the community they are working in. Therefore, for students, professors, teachers and all citizens to have access to such vital information is a tremendous help. Policy Options, as a tool for Academic Connections,  will also be a key component in Community Based Research. This is the mission of Policyoptions.org.  With descriptions and a video screencast guiding you through the website, you will be knowledgable of the inititave in no time!


Policy Options: What is it?

Here is a description of what policy options is and how it works

  • PolicyOptions.org is a project of the Youth Policy Institute in collaboration with colleges and universities, beginning with those participating in the Bonner Foundation's Bonner Program network.
  • This effort will connect the public policy research expertise and experience of the Youth Policy Institute with the direct service and community-based research programming of colleges and universities.
  • The "missing link" for many community change efforts is up-to-date, comprehensive, balanced information on the distinctly different solutions for addressing one or more related issues. This data, which we hope to provide in the PolicyOption.org websites and publications, will support more informed decision-making about the direction of policy and program change.


Here is a link to www.policyoptions.org, so that you can browse and get to know what it's all about.

          Policy Options Wiki


Here is a specific example of an issue-brief and the policies pertaining to it:

Homelessness and Hunger: Need for Soup Kitchens


Policyoptions.org Screencast

This is a screencast video guide of Bobby taking you through the site and what it all means

  • *video screencast*


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