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New BWBRS Feature Wish List

Page history last edited by Cindy Frost 10 years, 10 months ago


Service Opportunities

  • Ability to select multiple people for opportunities without including “all students” or entering the opp more than once
  • Ability to delete opportunities (if they’ve been listed more than once and no one has logged it)


Training & Enrichment

  • Ability to make multiple days for T&E (ex: retreats, conferences, etc)
  • Ability to delete a Training when an error/duplicate entry is made.


Hour Logs

  • I would love for them to be able to choose the dates that they want to print hour logs, so the hour logs fit our measurement needs, so I don’t have to add the weeks of the cycles manually, and so our community partners don’t have to sign an entire semester of service hours or four separate pieces of paper (when a student prints the weeks of the cycle BWBRS prints each week on a new piece of paper) each cycle.  I would love to see something similar to when you define the date ranges for airline tickets.  When printing a CLA, it would be great if a student could click on a “ from”  and a “to” box, so a calendar pops up, like when you are choosing arrival and departure dates for an airline ticket, so they can select the dates they wish to print.   [Example: Our students have to submit their hour logs three times a semester.  For each of the three cycles, I have to add up their service hours and total hours to be sure they are meeting our benchmarks.  I have to add them manually for our 100 students because they cannot customize the dates ranges that they want to print out in terms of their hour logs.  Either they have to print out the entire semester each time, and I have to find the 4-week span I am interested in, or they print out the weeks of the cycle, such as weeks 4-8.  Either way, I still have to add their hours by a calculator, and it takes forever.]
  • Ability to print hours without T&E (since they cannot count towards Federal Work-Study on some campuses).
  • Can there be a work-study total box?
  • Maybe have an error message or something, so students will not be able to log any hours for a semester unless they have an "approved" CLA in BWBRS that semester...so students are not logging hours until their CLA is approved


Administrator Settings

  • Ability to delete administrator lists (for instance when a senior intern graduates or staff no longer works at our school)
  • Automatically list the student's name at the top of the Service Accomplishment Form so we don't have to just rely on the signature.
  • The ability to only send digest e-mails to one person.
  • The ability to see which students completed service accomplishments in the Reports section...similar to the way we can see who completed CLAs (like in BWBRS 2.9)
  • ***not sure where to put this, but change the print settings so the CLAs, Hours Logs and Service Accomplishments are on 1 page or 2 pages without blank spaces
  • ***not sure where to put this either, but "enrichment" is mispelled on home page.  Right now it is written:  Training and Enrishment Events


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