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Mercer County Campus Wide Service Brainstorm

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Last Tuesday, Liz Moody came to our bi-weekly meeting to inspire us to do a Campus-wide Service Day. The space below is available for you all to brainstorm your vision for this day.


Here are some of the things we talked about in the meeting.


The Reflection Process:

Experiencing(The activity phase) 

  Everyone gains the common experience of doing a service project together.

Sharing(Exchange reaction and observations)

 Everyone shares what happened and how each person experienced it. Participants may share stories or observations about what they did, interactions they had, and how those affected them.

Processing(What happened and WHY did it happen)

     This is when everyone tries to make sense of their experience. You may question the nature of this  service or why this service is necessary .

Generalizing(Relating experiences to everyday life)

 Everyone begins to connect this experience with their every day life

Applying(Using experiences in everyday life)

 How will you use what you learned? 


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