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Macalester College

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1600 Grand Avenue

Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105




Macalester is committed to being a preeminent liberal arts college with an educational program known for its high standards for scholarship and its special emphasis on internationalism, multiculturalism, and civic engagement.


At Macalester College we believe that education is a fundamentally transforming experience. As a community of learners, the possibilities for this personal, social, and intellectual transformation extend to us all. We affirm the importance of the intellectual growth of the students, staff and faculty through individual and collaborative endeavor. We believe that this can best be achieved through an environment that values the diverse cultures of our world and recognizes our responsibility to provide a supportive and respectful environment for students, staff and faculty of all cultures and backgrounds.



Location: 4 miles from downtown Saint Paul and 7 miles from downtown Minneapolis

Enrollment: 1889 students

Other interesting tidbits:

  • Students represent 50 states and 90 countries
  • Over half of campus participates in some kind of civic engagement
  • Noted by The Princeton Review as #3 for 'Best Quality of Life', #8 for 'Town Gown Relations are Great', and #13 for 'Happiest Students' among 366 colleges
  • 60% of Mac students study abroad



Name of Campus-Wide Center: Civic Engagement Center (CEC)


Type of Program: Bonner Leaders Program

Year Began: 2007


Web-sites and Social Media

Bonner Program website

CEC YouTube channel

CEC Facebook Page

Mac Bonner Facebook Page


Number of Bonner Leaders: 48 (Meet the Bonners)

Active in Learn & Serve CBR: Yes

Active in Policy Options: Yes






Brian Rosenberg


Center Director

Karin Trail-Johnson


Bonner Coordinators & Staff

Consuelo Gutierrez-Crosby - Coordinator & Sophomore Class Program Staff

Ruth Janisch Lake - Coordinator & First-year Program Staff

Sedric McClure - First-year Program Staff

Eily Marlow - Junior Class Program Staff

Paul Schadewald - Senior Class Program Staff & CBR & Policy Options


Bonner Program Assistants

Contact both at bonnerseniorintern@macalester.edu

Suzanne Oh '13

Tsesa Monaghan '13


Bonner Congress Representatives

Eura Chang '15

Cody Dail '15



Our partners

Click here to learn more about student placements

  • First Years work in placements with public schools
    • EXPO, Linwood-Monroe Arts Plus, Horace-Mann Elementary Schools and Highland and Ramsey Junior High Schools
  • Sophomore and Juniors work with a variety of non-profit organizations within the following issue areas
    • College Access, Economic Justice, Environment & Sustainability, Global Justice, Health & Wellness, Immigrants & Refugees, Public Policy, Spanish Language Opportunities, Women & Gender, and Youth & Tutoring



  • Pre-Orientation First-Year Retreat
    • The pre-orientation for Bonners is an intensive three and a half day retreat that begins with a welcome dinner allowing Bonners to meet one another and be introduced to the CEC and Bonner. Ice breakers and community building are present throughout the retreat, with a half day dedicated to team-building at YMCA Camp St. Croix. Retreat topics cover: Bonner 101, Personal Mission Statement Activity, Bonner Handbook, Bonner Expectations, Group Norms, and Lake Street Tour and Community Mapping. Bonners are introduced to key on-campus departments and staff that provide student support services - Dean's Office, Health and Wellness, MAX Center for Academic Excellence. The retreat ends with a group service project.
  • First Year Service Trip
    • The Bonner First Year Service Trip to New Orleans is designed to promote learning about multiple social issues through service, community connections and discussion.  In preparation for this experience, participants meet weekly to learn about the neighborhoods and communities they  will be working with, to gain a greater understanding of the social, economic, and political impacts of Katrina, and to reflect on motives for participating in an alternative break. To learn more about the trip and see the schedule go to Best Practice Buzz - Winter Break Trips or Bonner Program Service Trips - Macalester College in NOLA




 Click here for Congress Leadership Plans: Macalester Congress Action Planning





Serve 2.0

  • Staff Point Person for project: Consuelo Gutierrez-Crosby  (gutierrezcrosby@macalester.edu)
  • Student Point Person for project:  Michael Manansala (mmanansa@macalester.edu)
  • Planning to submit mini-grant proposal:  yes
  • Bonner Program or Campus-Wide Wiki status: in development but not public yet
  • Participating in Bonner Video Project:  yes 
    • Student BVL (Bonner Video Liaison) contact info posted on link: Bonner Video Liaisons
    • Need a Flip Cam? (we can provide one per campus): yes
  • See useful links:  Serve 2.0 Resource Wiki   |   Mini-Grant RFP




Bonner AmeriCorps

  • Please list the contact information of the staff and student interns who manage your AmeriCorps Paperwork: Not using Americorps.
    • Note:  due to the audit and the transition to BWBRS 3, all current AmeriCorps Managers will be scheduled for an AmeriCorps Management Training for 2009 within the first few weeks of the semester. Please schedule this phone call with your Foundation Program Associate as soon as possible.
  • Spring Enrollments 2009:  Please complete this survey right away: AmeriCorps Survey
  • Please note: This survey is for the Spring semester slots only. It does not matter if your campus had previously requested slots and have "left overs." Please fill out this survey to specify how many members your campus will enroll this semester. If you do not want slots, they should fill it in with zeroes. We will be sending out a Summer and Fall request as well, so this is only for this semester. 


Issue-Based Research

Thanks to everyone who attended our SLI workshop on Issue-Based Models. Many of you were interested in the power point, so we have posted it here.







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Fun Stuff







Open                                             Linwood                                        Horace Mann







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