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Lindsey Wilson College Congress Proposal

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Lindsey Wilson College






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Names of Students Attending:  Josh Newman, Jared Radford, Morgan Reck, Cherise Mingus



Name of Your Big Idea:  Bonner Buddy Program



Since 2005 the Lindsey Wilson Bonner Leader Program has increased in size from eight members to forty-two in 2009. One third of the program participants this year are freshman.  With such a large number of freshman we are experiencing difficulties in intergrating them into the community partners sites with the same success as the returning Bonners.  We have additionally discovered a need for more leadership within our current Bonner leader system. 


Big Idea

The Bonner Buddy system would allow and promote the following:



Ø  Mentoring of freshmen in college to allow for smooth transition from high school to college career. Veteran Bonners can be a leader and role model for the freshmen class as they can: do private training sessions with them as it relates to event planning, bwbrs training, and community partner relations. The matching of the partnership in the buddy system would be based on both personal interests and service area.

Ø  The Buddy system would expand into the schools. We would ask the teachers and principals to target ‘at-risk’ students for the Bonner Buddies.

·         For elementary and middle school students –

The Bonner Buddies could choose to mentor and tutor them in an after-school program setting, eat lunch with them periodically throughout the academic year, and/or volunteer to be their ‘chaperone’ at some of the school events/field trips (fall festivals, zoo, etc.).

·         For high school students, Bonner Buddies could assist them with various skill sets such as – career development, social media, college admissions process, and some academic tutoring as well.

Ø  Community Partners to get involved would be: Family Resource Centers, ACES, Colonel William Casey Elementary, ACMS, and ACHS. The Chamber of Commerce and Public Library may also be ally partners as they would provide events for the year and a common meeting place respectively.  


Action Plan

- Second. Third, and Fourth year Bonners

- Community Partners

- L3


We hope to have a buddy system between returning and freshman bonners. This "buddy" will acclimate the freshman Bonners into the program.  They will provide assistance to things such as BWBRS, reflections, and effective community partner relationships.  We hope that the community partners will accept taking the freshman bonner along with the returner, so as to build upon the work of the returner.  We hope that this process will help the community partners by allowing a continued knowledge of the site; therefore cutting the hours needed to train people.  Overall, we hope our community partners will greatly benefit from the implementation of this new program.  We hope to utilize the L3 program that is being implemented on our campus.  This program promotes leadership within our student body.  


Being a Congress Representative will allow us to network with other schools how have implemented this program successfully.



Which Groups Will You Be In?

Congress Focus Areas: 


The Placement Process & First Year Experience

Junior Leadership Roles & Service


Update - Report to Share in the 20th Anniversary Congress Booklet

We intend to create a beautifully designed book to be distributed at the 20th Anniversary Summer Leadership Institute that shares with the entire Bonner Network the work of Congress Representatives in 2009-2010 on their big ideas. Please write your report in the format below. For an example, click on this page:  http://bonnernetwork.pbworks.com/Big-Idea-Summaries


1) Title - Bonner Buddy Program


2) The Case: The Bonner Congress Reps felt like the incoming Bonners should be mentored and directed in a more 'bonner loving' way their first semester. We felt like some of our Bonners were still trying to understand the system two months into the program. If they had a Bonner Buddy who could guide and direct them, they could make a smoother transistion into their service site, non-issues with BWBRS, and more communicative with the group.


3) The Solution:  Have veteran Bonners to act as Mentors to incoming students. Have all Freshman Bonners be involved in a learning community to help in transistion from high school to college. Possibly, pair incoming students with stand out Bonners of years past.


4) The Process: Some of the veteran Bonners will be involved in programming for orientation - not just setting on the sidelines taking in all the information for the second time - but be actively engaged in some of the orientation activties. Bonners will also act as Mentors in the Freshman Year Experience Program where all Bonners will be in Amy Thompson-Wells' FYE class. She is the co-director of the Bonner program. Amy will also be co-teaching Introduction to Leadership Studies with Dean Chris Schmidt which most Bonners are strongly encouraged to enroll. All Bonners will be a member of CELC (Civic Engagement Learning Community). During Freshman Orientation (for all FR), these students will be involved in various team building activities with many members of LWC's campus, not just the Bonner 'family'.  


Please upload 2-3 relevant photos (of your Reps, project, etc.).  Try to select photos that have high resolution quality. This will appear in the booklet.


The deadline for this update if you want your school to be considered and included in the book is FRIDAY, APRIL 30th!




March 2010


June 2010












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