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Lindsey Cermak

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School and Involvement | Bio | Favorite Social Media Tool2009-2010



College of St. Benedict and St. John's University (CSB/SJU)


  • I work as an Academic Coordinator for the Service-Learning Program, acting as a liason between community partners, students and faculty
  • I acted as the Senior Intern this past year, leading our first group of Bonners and working to promote Bonner on our campuses
  • I will be working this summer on several preparatory tasks in preparation for our first Bonner class coming in the Fall!!



  • This summer I am working at Reuben Lindh Family Services in Minneapolis, caring for toddlers 
  • I am majoring in the Humanities, minoring in Coaching...not quite sure what I want to do yet:-)
  • I LOVE kids, basketball and the color green
  • I am definitely a planner and a go-getter
  • I am easy-going 
  • I love getting to know each person's story
  • I love learning


Favorite Social Media Tool

  •   I love using videos to convey a message or express ideas.  Videos are gripping and are able to humanize each message, appealing to the heart in every person.  They make any message more real.  I am definitely excited to use more videos to promote Bonner and our work to the CSB/SJU campuses!




What are you most excited about for the role in the upcoming academic year?











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