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Lees-McRae Congress Action Planning

Page history last edited by Whitney Brandon 10 years, 3 months ago





Student (Who We Are):


Name: Whitney Brandon

Email: wb101641@email.lmc.edu

Year: Junior


Name: Collin Grundy

Email: cgundry@gmail.com

Year: Junior


Name: Kelsi Lane

Email: kl0101563@email.lmc.edu

Year: Junior


Big Ideas (What We Will Do?)

Thinking about the five focus areas: (1) Recruiting volunteers, (2) Planning events, (3) Institutionalizing a program, (4) Deepening relationships with partners, and (5) Facilitating reflection, Our TWO PRIORITIES are going to be:


One of our BIG IDEAS is to start up Bonner Housing on our campus. We have a dorm that is not currently in use and we have proposed to use it for Bonner housing. This will hopefully bring all of our Bonners closer together. This would be our meeting place and everyone could collaborate ideas together. This would also help in the recruiting process. 





Our Social Media Strategies (How We Will Do It): 


Describe which of these tools you're going to use and how: 


Facebook: We have facebook groups so that everyone can get messages, times and dates. They tend to check this more than their e-mail.

Social Bookmarking

Wikis: Keep the Wiki updated so that everyone knows whats going on


Videos: Use these to inform the upcoming bonners about the Bonner Program and so they can remember important information.


Social Actions



Building Networks and Being National Representatives:


Describe how we will engage other schools and organizations within the national Bonner network. (For example, how will you communicate ideas on the Bonner Network Wiki, blog, Facebook groups...and in person)











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