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Keene State College Proposal

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Keene State College

Keene, NH

Sinead O' Mahony and Kelly Manning


   Reaching out and getting the word out there



     Keene State College is new to the Bonner Program as of this year and we are really excited about the many opportunities the Bonner Program has to offer. The college has a great relationship with the community of Keene and many agencies in Keene reach out to the college when in need of volunteers. There are roughly twenty five student leaders who work with various community service driven organizations here on campus ranging from Habitat for Humanity to the Community Service office itself However the Community Service Office is often stretched too thin due to the amount of service opportunities we are given, the lack of communication and commitment from students. As it is our first year taking part in the Bonner Program we need to develop a plan to get more students involved in the program. Right now we need better advertising to reach the student body as well as educate the faculty on what our program is all about.


Big Idea

     To get commitment from the Keene State students we will emphasize the importance of their consistent participation in whatever aspect of the Bonner Program and/or community service at large they are taking part in. Being aware of the impact you have on the community/organization will help the student realize how valuable their are to the town of Keene. We plan to get more students involved in the Bonner program through two info sessions held at the beginning of each academic year in which they can learn more about the program and its benefits. We plan to work faculty along with the students to hopefully get them involved through workshops and speakers held throughtout the year. In striving to improve communication. We plan to put flyer's both in student mailboxes and around the campus to advertise upcoming events that students and faculty can participate in.


Action Plan


Who will be involved in our Proposal:


Mary McEntee- Community Service Coordinator for Keene State College


Mike Ward- Habitat Humanity Advisor


Jen Ferrell- Director of Student Activities


Jesse Ferriera- Bonner Student


Daniel Colina- Circle K President


Along with Community Partners:




Fast Friends


Big  Brothers Big Sisters


Humane Society


  • At the beginning of every year we will invite community partners to come and speak on campus about their organizations, how as the student body we can help and the importance of commitment. Advertising upcoming events through flyers, posting information on the Keene State website and possibly using the local television station to get the word out will be a goal of ours. By doing this we hope to get more commitment from people involved in both service here on campus as well as in the community at large.
  • We hope to obtain feedback about how they have grown as a Bonner Program, to get new service projects ideas and to find out what worked for other schools. 
  • Being a congress representative will give us the tools and confidence we need to bring what have learned back to school and enrich our program. 




Which Groups Will You Be In?

We would be in the Building a Bonner Leadership team and Campus Wide Engagement



Review the guidelines on the project before getting started: Bonner Congress Project Proposal Guidelines.pdf

For a written proposal example click here: Mock Congress Proposal .pdf

For a video example click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz7Nbw7XFTI


Update - Report to Share in the 20th Anniversary Congress Booklet

We intend to create a beautifully designed book to be distributed at the 20th Anniversary Summer Leadership Institute that shares with the entire Bonner Network the work of Congress Representatives in 2009-2010 on their big ideas. Please write your report in the format below. For an example, click on this page:  http://bonnernetwork.pbworks.com/Big-Idea-Summaries


1) Title (of your project/big idea - feel free to update from the fall).


2) The Case: Tell us briefly the history of the challenge you tackled with your Big Idea. This should be no more than 100 words.


3) The Solution:  What is your Big Idea?  What was the idea to tackle this challenge?  This should be no more than 300 words.


4) The Process: Tell us in more detail what your Big Idea is.  Please illustrate how your “Big Idea” addresses the root issues of the problems you are working with.  What are the specific issues, needs, or gaps your idea sought to improve and how did it improve them?  This should be no more than 500 words (two paragraphs).


Please upload 2-3 relevant photos (of your Reps, project, etc.).  Try to select photos that have high resolution quality. This will appear in the booklet.


The deadline for this update if you want your school to be considered and included in the book is FRIDAY, APRIL 30th!




March 2010


June 2010








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