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Hamilton College

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Hamilton College

198 College Hill Rd.

Clinton, NY 13323




Hamilton: A vibrant community

CAMPUS AT A GLANCE (brief description)

Hamilton is a small, private liberal arts college with an emphasis on individualized instruction and independent research.  We are considered to be a national leader in teaching effective writing and persuasive speaking. Founded in 1793 as the Hamilton-Oneida Academy by Samuel Kirkland, missionary to the Oneida Indians, the campus was chartered in 1812 as Hamilton College.  We are the third oldest college established in New York State, and our namesake is Alexander Hamilton, U.S. statesman and first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury.  Hamilton has a beautiful campus situated just outside of the village of Clinton and adjacent to the small city of Utica.


Hamilton has nearly 50 diverse areas of study for students including Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, East Asian Languages and Literature, and World Politics/International Relations; several opportunities to participate in off-campus study, with programs in China, Washington, D.C., New York City, France, Spain and many others; and a variety of extracurricular activities and more than 100 clubs and organizations that foster knowledge of our world and its people, including the Asian Cultural Society, the Black and Latin Student Union, the International Students Association, the Middle East Union, the Native American Studies and Students Association, the Rainbow Alliance, the West Indian and African Association, and the Womyn's Center. 



Location: Central New York

Enrollment: 1,775

Other interesting highlights: The class of 2012 has 87% of admitted students ranking in the top 10% of their high school classes; 49 states and 45 countries represented among the student body; and 19% are multicultural Students from the U.S with 5% as International Students. 



Name of Campus-Wide Center: The Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center under the Dean of Faculty and the

Community Outreach & Opportunity Center under the Dean of Students


Relevant website: http://www.hamilton.edu/levitt/


Type of Program: Bonner Leaders

Year Began: 2006

Bonner Program website: http://my.hamilton.edu/levitt/bonnerleaders.html

NEW!! Bonner Blog:  http://hamiltonbonner.blogspot.com/


Number of Bonner Leaders: 9

Active in Bonner AmeriCorps Ed Award: yes

Active in Other AmeriCorps Ed Award:

Active in Learn & Serve CBR: Yes

Active in FIPSE Civic Ed Certficate/Minor:  



President: Joan Hinde Stewart

Bonner Director: Judith Owens-Manley jowens@hamilton.edu

Bonner Coordinator: Jordan Fischetti yardin24@gmail.com

Bonner Senior Intern/Video Liaison:

Bonner Serve 2.0 Initiative Leader:



MORE ABOUT US (our partners, trips, structure, best or unique practices)

 Current Bonner Leader Profiles: http://my.hamilton.edu/levitt/bonner/currentbonnerleaders.html

Hamilton Bonner Calendar: htttp://my.hamilton.edu/levitt/bonner/bonnercalendar.pdf



The Bonner Leaders Program at Hamilton College is a valuable addition to a long-term relationship with the community. Bonner Leaders strengthen the campus culture of community engagement and community partnerships and encourage volunteerism for the rest of the campus. 


We began our Bonner Leaders program with sophomores in 2006-07, then moved the program to begin in the freshmen year in 2008-09.  A large percentage of our student body studies abroad or off-campus in Washington D.C. or New York in their junior year.  The move to the freshmen year will allow students to complete four consecutive semesters in the program and to opt for service in their junior or senior years.  The Bonner Leader Program, at the end of its third year at Hamilton, is  benefiting our students, our campus, and our community partners. Listen to an interview with the first graduating class of Bonner Leaders for their views. 




The Bonner Leaders Program owes a special thank you to our community partners who provide invaluable learning experiences for Hamilton College students:  



JCTOD Outreach, Inc.                                                      For the Good, Inc.


Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees             The Cosmopolitian Center


Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School                        Thea Bowman House, Inc.


Utica Municipal Housing Authority (UMHA)                      Oneida County Family Treatment Court


Catholic Charities-Kernan Elementary School                  YWCA- Y Girls  

Safe Schools/Healthy Students - The Underground Café & Donovan Middle School

International Red Cross 


The Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees is an active site with Bonner Leaders and also a focus of our most popular service-learning program, Project SHINE (Students Helping in the Naturalization of Refugees.)  MVRCR has resettled more than 20,000 refugees from many different countries, most recently from Myanmar.  MVRCR is a full-service "settlement house" with English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), employment services, resettlement casework, citizenship assistance and classes, and translation/interpretation services all under one roof. 

The three largest populations resettled in Utica are the Bosnians (~4500); former Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus) (~2,50 stud0) and Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos (~2,500).  Refugees from Myanmar will soon pass those totals and become the second largest population of refugees settling in Utica, New York.


Emily Powell worked in the resettlement portion of the agency for the first year of her Bonner program, assisting with all resettlement activities: furnishing apartments, meeting refugee families at the airport in Syracuse to take them to their new homes; buying groceries; arranging for health exams and school placements for the children.  Initial resettlement services also arrange for TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and Food Stamps.  Adult refugees begin ESOL classes immediately and prepare for a basic level of English that will allow them to work.  Emily spent her second year abroad, and returning in her senior year, she is working with the ESOL language classes upstairs run by the Utica City School District's Adult Education Program. 


Hamilton has several ties with our "Refugee Center."  In addition to Project SHINE, which sends 100+students each year to ESOL and citizenship classes, other academic courses, such as a Global Feminism course in Women's Studies in Fall 2008 and a Government course this spring both focus on issues impacting refugees and immigrants.  Emily Powell was awarded a Case Foundation grant of $1,000 to continue a project begun in the Women Studies course to work with Burmese/Karin women in establishing a weaving collective and reclaiming their traditional weaving.  Our project was instrumental in MVRCR being prepared to apply for a much larger grant for the next three years to support a microfinance initiative with the Weaver's Collective. 


We are working with MVRCR now to establish a policy group of faculty, students, and community partners around immigrant and refugee issues. 




Click here to complete next wiki-based portion of Annual Report.  



Student Leadership Planning:

Click here for Congress Leadership Plans:

Hamilton Congress Action Planning



Serve 2.0

  • Staff Point Person for project:  Jordan Fischetti, yardendin24@gmail.com, Carl Rosenfield, crosenfi@hamilton.edu for technical assistance.  
  • Student Point Person for project:  Jesse Stromwick, jstromwi@hamilton.edu
  • Planning to submit mini-grant proposal: submitted
  • Bonner Program or Campus-Wide Wiki status:  created: will post student reactions (puerto rico)  to kick off the wiki; will post url here:
  • Participating in Bonner Video Project:  would
    • Student BVL (Bonner Video Liaison) contact info posted on link: will identify one, may be the Bonner senior intern. Bonner Video Liaisons
    • Need a Flip Cam? (we can provide one per campus): yes -will try utilizing some from the audio visual department in the meantime.
  • See useful links:  Serve 2.0 Resource Wiki   |   Mini-Grant RFP

     Will send the video project description again.



  • Using BWBRS 3.0: yes 
  • Need for additional training:  no
  • Comments: much more user friendly, responding to case management discussion
  • See useful links:  BWBRS 3.0 Help Guide


Bonner AmeriCorps

  • Please list the contact information of the staff and student interns who manage your AmeriCorps Paperwork: Jordan Fischetti (only one student did AmeriCorps, right now don't have any AmeriCorps members-Leide needs to be reinstated, she is under the guidance of Jeremy Wattles-phone:                 315-450-6652         , jwattles@gmail.com
    • Note:  due to the audit and the transition to BWBRS 3, all current AmeriCorps Managers will be scheduled for an AmeriCorps Management Training for 2009 within the first few weeks of the semester. Please schedule this phone call with your Foundation Program Associate as soon as possible.
  • Spring Enrollments 2009:  Please complete this survey right away: AmeriCorps Survey
  • Please note: This survey is for the Spring semester slots only. It does not matter if your campus had previously requested slots and have "left overs." Please fill out this survey to specify how many members your campus will enroll this semester. If you do not want slots, they should fill it in with zeroes. We will be sending out a Summer and Fall request as well, so this is only for this semester. 
  • AmeriCorps does not seem to be working out well with their students, do not have intentions to take on new members in Spring 09 or Fall. 1st year it worked well; the 2nd year-didn't work out well, thought now is that it is not worth it amongst students. This year-thought they wouldn't be able to get 300 hours in.*** Mishandling of Caroline's paperwork-was the only one interested, she turned it in on time, misplaced?


Issue-Based Research


General Campus Support:

Bonner Leader Program is administered in the Levitt Center.  The Levitt Center continues the relationship with the Bonner Foundation through CBR, Policy Options and the Serve 2.0 initiative and will be training Bonner Leaders to be Policy Leaders in the Levitt Center. Will continue looking for ways to expand Bonner Leaders at Hamilton and to deepen their experiences in the community.





Feel free to upload photos, especially of events like Orientation, First Year Trip, Second Year Exchange, Congress Representatives and Senior Interns, Campus-Wide projects, or the Bonner community.  Provide brief captions if you can.



Mariam Ballout and Amanda Levin (BLP) bake cookies      Students at a Bonner Meeting.                         Leide Cabral helps with youth.

for the Holiday Project.


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