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Working for Change Pays!

Funding for Bonner Leaders | Funding for Bonner Scholars

See how Bonner reimburses students for the time they spend serving their communities


Bonner Leaders receive stipends through Federal Work-Study, scholarships, outside grants, AmeriCorps Education Awards, school funds, or other forms of financial support for their service during the school year each year. 

  • The Bonner Foundation strongly encourages Bonner Leader Programs to secure additional funding for:
    • up to $2,500 for one summer service internship
    • first-year service trip
    • second-year service exchange
  • Click here for more details from the Bonner.org website


Bonner Scholar Scholarships are endowed by both the Bonner Foundation and the participating colleges and universities

  • The Bonner Foundation expects Bonner Scholars Programs to use funding to:
    • create a comprehensive student development model
    • see that all Scholars complete the capstone activities
    • provide opportunities to engage in the common commitments
  • Click here for more details from the Bonner.org website


Note: Will include examples through written community fund apps, stories (photo/video/written) of scholar internships


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at 4:19 pm on Jul 15, 2008

I still don't think this page is super helpful...I think it would be better to frame it as 'what funding you have or may have that you ought to know about.' Let's talk about this one and re-do it.

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