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Environment - Lynchburg University

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Service  |  Academic Work  |  Education & Training  |  Capacity Building  |  Deliberative Democracy 


 Sub-categories in this issue



Types of Service   short-term  |  ongoing school year  |  summer



Academic Work   courses  |  service-learning  |  CBR and policy research   |  departments and institutes



Education & Training   forums  |  workshops  |  reflection activities

  •   Year of the Environment
  • Mountain Top Removal discussion during Senior Symposium course
  • Discussion of candidates' environmental commitments during 2008 presidential election campaigns



Campus and Organizational Capacity-Building   training  |  fundraising  |  resource development

  •   Center for Community Development and Social Justice
  • Environmental Science Department
  • Service with Lynchburg Grows-
    • "Lynchburg Grows in Lynchburg, Virginia is a 6.5 acre urban farm with 2 acres under glass. Lynchburg Grows was formed in 2003 as a not-for-profit corporation.While working on the garden, the members decided to expand their mission to help all disadvantaged persons enjoy the healthy benefits of gardening and having access to such spaces." http://www.lynchburggrows.org/
  • Recent founding of campus organization- Alliance for Energy Awareness



Research, Policy Analysis, Deliberative Democracy   evaluations  |  policy research  | issue forums  |  advocacy



Contacts   staff  |  faculty  |  students  |  community partners (local, regional, national)

  •  Dr. Thomas Shahady shahady@lynchburg.edu
  • Dr. Jamey Pavey pavey@lynchburg.edu
  • Dr. David Perault perault@lynchburg.edu
  • Dr. Kari Benson benson@lynchburg.edu
  • Dr. Greg Eaton, Ph.D.
  • Dr. Priscilla J. Gannicott gannicott@lynchburg.edu
  • Dr. Brooke Wilborn, Ph.D.
  • Lynchburg Grows


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