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Education > Elementary - Ursinus College

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Service  |  Academic Work  |  Education & Training  |  Capacity Building  |  Deliberative Democracy 



Types of Service   short-term  |  ongoing school year  |  summer

Short-term projects

  • Dr. Seuss Reading day
  • ACLAMO and America Reads holiday party
  • Camp out/Up all night for literacy
  • New school supply drive for local elementary school
  • One man show library performance with therapy trained three legged dog
  • Presentations for fourth and fifth grade students regarding puberty and hygiene

Ongoing school year

  • ACLAMO, Norristown, PA
    • Promotion of family involvement through monthly events
    • Math and Science projects with hands on experiments to encourage a positive interest in these subjects
    • Advancement of the students' proficiency in English
    • Educational field trips three to four times per year
  • America Reads, Norristown and Pottstown, PA
  • Headstart, Norristown, PA
  • Free Library of Philadelphia After school and Tutoring Program, Philadelphia,PA
  • St. Christopher's Hospital, Phildelphia, PA
  • St. Eleanor's CARES After school program, Collegeville, PA

Summer projects

  • ACLAMO, Norristown, PA (2009)
  • ACLAMO, Pottstown, PA (2008)



Academic Work   courses  |  service-learning  |  CBR and policy research   |  departments and institutes

Minor in Elementary Education

Students who expect to pursue careers in which they will work with pre-school or elementary

school-age children may minor in Elementary Education. This option can strengthen eligibility

for admission to graduate school in such areas as elementary school teaching, school guidance

or psychology, speech pathology, etc. Since certification students in ESS or modern languages

become certified K-12, they often elect to complete this minor, particularly if they would prefer to

teach younger grades. Course requirements include EDUC-202, EDUC/PSYC-265, EDUC-344,

PSYC-345, and one from EDUC-320, 402, 434, or 446. (PSYC-330 is recommended.)



  • Education
  • Psychology     




  • EDUC-202. Introduction to Education
  • EDUC/PSYC-265. Educational Psychology

  • EDUC-320. Diversity of Leaders

  • PSYC-330. Cognitive Psychology

  • EDUC-344. Foundations of Education

  • PSYC-345. Child Development

  • EDUC-402. Identity and Diversity

  • EDUC-434. Curriculum Seminar

  • EDUC-446. Issues and Trends in Contemporary Education









Education & Training   forums  |  workshops  |  reflection activities

  • Each semester that PSYC-345-Child Development is taught each student in the class must complete 20 hours of work and interaction with a local day care, Bright Spot Daycare/Preschool. They are required to journal about their experiences with the children.
  • Student teaching hours



Campus and Organizational Capacity-Building   training  |  fundraising  |  resource development




Research, Policy Analysis, Deliberative Democracy   evaluations  |  policy research  | issue forums  |  advocacy



Contacts   staff  |  faculty  |  students  |  community partners (local, regional, national)

Staff & Faculty





Community partners



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