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Education - Early Childhood -Ursinus College

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Regional & National Organizations  current or potential partner organizations

  • Local elementary schools -Norristown, Pottstown, Perkiomen Valley
  • Local early childhood centers 
  • Local family and parent groups (PTAs)
  • School districts and offices of education
  • Education schools and teacher training programs
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters (regional and national)
  • Boys and Girls Clubs (regional and national)
  • First Book


PolicyOptions.org Issue Briefs

  • Local Issue Brief(s)


 Summary of Campus Issue Profiles 

Service  |  Academic Work  |  Education & Training  |  Capacity Building  |  Deliberative Democracy 


Specific Issue Areas

  • Achievement Gaps
  • Alternative schooling (charters, home school)
  • Digital Divide/Technology Gaps
  • ESL
  • Family and Parental Involvement
  • Literacy and Reading
  • Teacher training and methods 


Types of Service   short-term  |  ongoing school year  |  summer

One-time and Short-term Projects

  • Book collection and drives
  • Holiday projects (Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas Fairs)
  • Family/Parental Involvement Fairs
  • Kids' Fairs
  • Literacy initiatives
  • Open Houses


Ongoing School Year and Site-based Teams

  • After-school programs (tutoring, mentoring)
  • Classroom programs (tutoring, mentoring, support)
  • Housing Development educational programs
  • Home school programs
  • Technology centers for children and youth
  • Discipline-based programs (math, science, chemistry, reading, fitness, service learning)
  • Civic engagement programs (getting kids involved in service)


Summer and Other Programs

  • Camps and educational enrichment internships
  • Energy Express (statewide program, WV Wesleyan)
  • 21st Century Schools affiliated programs 


Academic Work   courses  |  service-learning  |  CBR and policy research   |  departments and institutes

Courses and Programs of Study

  • Education minor- Certifications in Elementary and Secondary education 
  • Research in the Psychology department for Early Childhood learning processes GABRIELLE PRINCIPE!


Departments and Institutes

  • Anthropology
  • Assessment
  • Child Development
  • Education
  • Math
  • Music
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Sociology 


CBR and Service-Learning Projects 

  • Incentive grants for faculty ($1,500) to integrate CBR or SL into courses have generated projects
  • Service-learning classes work with enrichment programs for local schools or after-school programs
  • Asset mapping projects are integrated into some courses, looking at quality of schooling and performance
  • Developmental reading course with a service component (Waynesburg)


Education & Training   forums  |  workshops  |  reflection activities

  • Many school-based programs may offer specialized training to students and other volunteers (curriculum planning and implementation, tutoring, mentoring)
  • Some faculty help lead workshops to train students how to to teach young children and youth (child development, classroom management, etc.)
  • See the websites and links listed in Resources above 


Campus and Organizational Capacity-Building   training  |  fundraising  |  resource development

  • Some campuses have utilized campus organizations to take on international commitment to education (e.g., Greeks as tutors) and this may also involve fundraising and resource development
  • Campuses tap into Work Study to engage students in long-term ways in schools and education roles
  • Some campuses use enrichment funds to support community-based interns (paying stipends for students and faculty)
  • Students, faculty and staff may also participate on Boards for local schools, related non-profits, and other organizations



Research, Policy Analysis, Deliberative Democracy   evaluations  |  policy research  | issue forums  |  advocacy

  • Emory & Henry has a service-learning course, part of the Public Policy and Community Service Major, in which site-based team at the after-school program focuses on issues of justice and policy
  • Some efforts may involve the state office of national service, for example in working with VISTAs
  • Need more specific examples of education-related or school-related evaluation, research and forums


Contacts   staff  |  faculty  |  students  |  community partners (local, regional, national)

  • Add names and emails 


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