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Direct Action and Research Training (DART)

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820 New York St.
Lawrence, KS 66044  
Website: www.thedartcenter.org  
Contact Information
Lead Contact: Lucy Ohle
Contact Phone: 785-841-2680
Contact Email: lucy@thedartcenter.org  


Organization Description:

DART is a nonprofit network of affiliates, founded in 1982 to assist in the development of strong, congregation-based, grassroots community organizations committed to democratic principles and values of justice and fairness. The DART Network currently consists of eighteen affiliates spread throughout Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, and Kentucky, each with their own leaders, staff, funding base, and accomplishments toward justice at the local level. DART has fought and won across the country on a broad set of issues like joblessness, access to health care, living wage and job source agreements, crime and drugs, improved public education, quality affordable housing, fair immigration practices, and dozens of others. We are broadening our power into new communities throughout the country by training a new generation of community organizers.  


Issue Area(s):

  • Social and economic justice
  • Community organizing
  • Eliminating poverty by addressing its root causes
  • Working on issues at the local level, including:
    • Improved public education
    • Increased affordable housing
    • Better access to health care
    • Crime and drug reform
    • Public transportation
    • Neighborhood revitalization
    • Environmental causes of poverty


Type(s) of Bonner Partnership Connections:

  • Job opportunity


Job Description

Locations & Dates:

The DART Organizers Institute includes an initial 7-day classroom training and 15 weeks of infield training at one of the DART affiliates. During the following 15-week infield training, OTs could potentially be placed with any of the local DART affiliates including organizations in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, and Kentucky. OTs will be informed of their training placement at the culmination of our national search, approximately 6 weeks prior to training. We will certainly take into account the OTs interests in terms of location. But placements will be determined based on our interest in providing the best training experience possible, and may require sacrificing one’s desire for a specific location.



OTs will be equipped in mid-July with an intensive classroom workshop, but most of the training will take place while working to build the power of one of the local DART affiliates. OTs will be expected to create a work plan based on the goals set by the local leadership, execute the techniques and strategies they learn during the classroom training, be accountable to DART and local organizing staff through written weekly reports and check-ins, and should continuously evaluate their own progress toward becoming a skilled professional community organizer.


Start Date:

Mid-July, 2010


Application Process:

Applications can be obtained from our website (www.thedartcenter.org) or by calling the Recruitment Office at 785-841-2680.

Applicants should submit the completed application along with a resume to Lucy Ohle at lucy@thedartcenter.org.


Application Deadline:

JANUARY 15, 2010


Salary & Benefits:

This is a paid training program. OTs will be given a living stipend of $7,000 during the four-month training. DART will also pay transportation costs to the classroom orientation and host city, and mileage reimbursements during the field portion of the training. Room, board, and tuition will also be paid by DART during the 7-day classroom orientation. After successful completion of the program, DART will work to place graduates into full-time positions making salaries between $30-35,000/year, plus health and benefits. DART is a 501(c)(3) organization, therefore, employees of the DART Network are eligible for public service loan forgiveness under the recently enacted College Cost Reduction and Access Act.  For more information on public service loan forgiveness, visit www.ibrinfo.org.





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