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Developing Placements

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Developing Placements


Developing Placements


1. Introduction to the Bonner Program Student Developmental Model:  Intro to Stud Dev Model.doc

A seven-page word document covering the 5 E’s, Common Commitments, skills, campus roadmap (to be customized), student profiles, and things Community Partners can do to support student development and community impact (if you haven’t already introduced this, we encourage you to do so at this point).


2. Expectations of a Bonner Student:

A Two-page description of what community partners can expect of Bonner students, given their sustained involvement in a service program, and encouraging specific Orientation and training activities, as well as ongoing leadership development and supervision.

Coming Soon!


3. Defining the Level of Partnerships & Placements:  Defining Partner Level.doc

A five page, more comprehensive introduction of the level of placements (occasional, regular, project/site coordinator, and planning team/problem-solving) for Community Partners, along with suggested questions for developing placements at each level and solid job descriptions. 


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