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Weekly Update

18 December 2008
[1] BWBRS 3.0
[2] Bonner AmeriCorps Reminders
[3] Teach For America deadline
[4] MLK Day Reminder
[5] Bonner Video Project
[6] Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs
[7] Request from Macalester Bonner Program
[8] Volunteers for China
[9] Call for Applications
[10] Endorsements sought for Roadmap for Peace
[11] Academic Job Opening @ Emory & Henry College
This is the last weekly until the New Year. Wishing everyone a safe and restful holiday!
[1] BWBRS 3.0
As we transition to the new system please be sure to contact us with questions or concerns regarding the system. We are happy to do brief phone trainings with staff members and/or troubleshoot as you find your way. Don't forget that there's also a help guide to 3.0 available on the Wiki: http://bonnernetwork.pbwiki.com/BWBRS+Help+Guide 
[2] Bonner AmeriCorps Reminders
As we wrap up one semester and prepare for the next, we encourage you to use this time to:
  • get friendly with BWBRS 3.0 and preparing to train your members in using it;
  • submitting all outstanding paperwork from Fall 2008: CLAs, time logs, service accomplishments, and any exit forms for students who have completed their terms;
  • take a deep breath and let it out, remembering that it is possible to stay on top of all the ever-changing details of Bonner AmeriCorps;
  • remember that we appreciate you and are grateful for the work you do!
As always, please contact a member of our AmeriCorps team if you have any questions or concerns: Annie Pasqua, Gretchen Mielke, Becky Grinstead, Christen Foell, Janet Ashwood and Miriam Barnes
[3] Teach For America deadline
The next application deadline for the TFA program is Wednesday, January 7, 2009 (see web announcement here). If you know of students who should be applying, please direct them to the website: https://www.teachforamerica.org/online/info/index.jsp
[4] MLK Day Reminder
MLK Day will be here before you know it! There's a website devoted to mobilization, including places to register projects, float ideas, and snag resources. 
Join President-Elect Obama and Vice President-Elect Biden who will participate in a service project on MLK Day as part of the four-day Inauguration Celebration. 
[5] Bonner Video Project
What is the Bonner Video Project?
In the upcoming weeks each campus will be given access to a Flip Cam.  With these cameras, Bonners will create 2-3 minute short videos highlighting their Bonner Program, Training and Enrichment Activities, Issues they encounter each day at their service sites, and their Community Partners.  Check out this Wiki Page for more details: Bonner Video Project
If your campus has not yet selected a Bonner Video Liaison (BVL), do so as soon as you can when students return in January. Click Here to officially submit your BVLs information! 
[6] Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs
Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs
San Francisco · Los Angeles · St. Louis · New York · Pittsburgh
Dear Bonner Fellows Colleagues:
We would like to present an opportunity for your current participants, constituents and alumni to continue their commitment to public service and gain knowledge and exposure to the public affairs and public policy arenas: the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs. The Princeton Review ranked the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs on its top Ten Internships in America. We are currently accepting applications for the 2009-20010 Coro Fellows Program class, starting next September. The deadline for applications is January 23, 2009. We appreciate your assistance in communicating this opportunity to them or referring us to promising candidates.
Here is more information about the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs.
The Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs is a nine-month, graduate level, full-time, experience-based leadership training program in public affairs.
  • The Fellows Program is committed to strengthening the quality of leadership in our country through a comprehensive, nonpartisan experiential training program for 68 participants annually at five regional centers.
  • Coro Fellows Program participants learn about the real world in the real world – by actively questioning, interacting with diverse constituents, finding resources, and coming up with innovative solutions to the challenges faced by their communities.
  • Together, participants explore community dynamics, leadership and decision-making, while building the skills necessary for successful careers in business, politics, education, government and the non-profit sectors.
The Fellows Program in Public Affairs is conducted in Los AngelesNew YorkPittsburghSan Francisco, and St. Louis
Coro seeks individuals with demonstrated leadership potential and a genuine commitment to public service.  Participation requires at minimum a bachelor's degree or equivalent work experience. Please visit our website, www.coro.org, for more program details. Please contact your local Coro Center with the names and contact information of any potential applicants.
Please note that applications should be sent to the center responsible for the state that the applicant is living in at the time of the application deadline. For example, if a candidate is from Los Angeles but currently goes to school in New York City, his/her application should be sent to the New York center. If you have any questions about this process, or if you’d like additional information sent to you or your program participants and graduates, please contact any of the center representatives below. We look forward to hearing from you. Once again, thank you for helping Coro identify and support future leaders in public service. 
The Coro Fellows Recruitment Team
Stephanie Stone, Director, Alumni Relations & Recruitment, 
sstone@coro.org,  (213) 346-3219
Coro Southern California Center (Los Angeles)
AZ, Southern CA, NV, NM, UT
Mona Chun, Director of Outreach and Communication, 
mchun@coronewyork.org, (212) 248-2935 ext. 305
Coro New York Leadership Center (New York)
Brandon Szalajda, Fellows Recruitment Associate, 
events@coro.org, (412) 208-0251
Coro Center for Civic Leadership (Pittsburgh)
Katie Koski, Outreach and Communications Manager, 
kkoski@coro.org, (415) 986-0521 ext. 103
Coro Northern California Center (San Francisco)  
AK, Northern CA, Guam, HI, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY
Kari Brown, Program Development Manager,
kari@coro-stl.org, (636) 827-9805
Coro Leadership Center - St. Louis                    
[7] Request from Macalester Bonner Program
Macalester first-year Bonners will be in the New Orleans area from March 14-21 for an alternative spring break trip. We have two requests from our Bonner colleagues.

This is our first year with a freshman class of Bonners. They want to connect with other Bonners to get a better sense of what Bonner is and means to students at other more established Bonner schools. We are looking to connect with another Bonner school either as part of a service project or to just have some time for Q&A.  

If you have participated in an alternative break experience and have recommendations for organizations to work with and/or places to stay, we would appreciate any suggestions.

If you will be in the area during that time or you have ideas for organizations, please contact Consuelo at gutierrezcrosby@macalester.edu. Thanks!

[8] Volunteers for China
Volunteers for China is asking for your help in publicizing ministry opportunities in China for 2009.

A nice bulletin board one pager may be found at this site: http://www.volunteersforchina.org/documents/bulletin.pdf

Many college students will be home at your local church during Christmas.  Posting this bulletin may be the only way that a college student at your church may learn about the opportunity of ministry in China. VFC has had volunteers respond just because someone posted the information on a bulletin board and they saw it the one time they came to church that month.  Please help to get the word out this Christmas.

Volunteers for China

Maryville, TN 37804



[9] Call for Applications


The Institute for Responsible Citizenship is currently accepting  applications for its summer leadership program in Washington, DC. The Institute provides America's best and brightest African-American male college students with unparalleled networking opportunities, leadership development, and life-long mentorship. Through the focused and intimate structure of our program, the Institute equips these young men with the tools required for successful careers in business, education, journalism, law, government, the sciences, public policy, ministry, medicine, public service, and the arts.

Program Highlights

* Meet with influential leaders such as General Colin Powell, Congressman John Lewis, and Dr. Sheila C. Johnson

* Take rigorous academic courses on constitutional and economic principles;

* Participate in roundtable discussions, including seminars on career development;

* Work at high-level internships around Washington, DC;

* Enjoy a host of social activities that help participants to build strong bonds with each other.

For more information about our program, please read the details below and visit our website at http://www.i4rc.org/

Program Details

The 2009 program will run from Saturday, June 6 to Saturday, August 1.

* Students must commit to two summers.

* Tuition and housing are paid for by the Institute.

* Students will be placed at paid internships based on their career interest (a stipend of $3000 will be provided for those placed at unpaid internships) .

You should be a sophomore to apply. Although the Institute does not have a GPA requirement, the average GPA for participants is a 3.65. An applicant's GPA is not the only criterion that is considered during the admissions process. Other achievements such as campus involvement, honors and awards earned, athletics, and volunteer work are looked upon favorably.

The application can be found on the web at http://www.i4rc.org

The deadline for admission into the 2009-2010 class is January 15, 2009

Inquiries should be directed to info@i4rc.org

 or (202) 659-2831. Those considering applying are highly encouraged to review the website in detail and contact our office with any questions before submitting an application.


[10] Endorsements sought for Roadmap for Peace



With leadership from the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), more than 





 — think tanks, faith-based groups, nongovernmental organizations, and others — have developed five key principles to lead our next administration.  These principles form a roadmap for bold steps into a more peaceful, more secure future.  The roadmap calls on the next U.S. President and administration to engage in a new foreign policy based on the following five core principles.

1.   Our country should invest in diplomacy, development, and conflict prevention —cost effective ways to improve national and global security.
2.   Strengthen the civilian agencies that work on peace and development issues.  The military is not an effective relief agency. The government needs a strong civilian foreign assistance and crisis response team.
3.   Give diplomacy a chance.  With a highly skilled diplomatic corps, the United States can prevent conflict and restore its international reputation.
4.    Be a part of global peacebuilding efforts.  We must work with renewed commitment in international institutions and partners to address major global conflicts and challenges, such as nonproliferation, climate change, migration, public health, and poverty.
5.    Create justice through good development and trade policies.  The nation’s interests, and the world’s, benefit from trade and development policies that alleviate poverty, treat men and women equally, and protect the environment. 
AFSC and partner organizations are taking this message to members of Congress and the Obama transition team.  They are requesting individual endorsements from around the country to demonstrate grass-roots support for these principles.  Providing your name and e-mail address is all that is required to endorse the roadmap.  At the website you can also read the full 30-page document or a shorter summary of the roadmap. 



[11] Academic Job Opening @ Emory & Henry College

Assistant Professor, Public Policy and Community Service (PPCS), Emory &  Henry College. Tenure-track with a focus on the interdisciplinary study  of citizenship, community building, civic skills, and public policy. The  PPCS degree program is a nationally recognized interdisciplinary social  science program grounded firmly in a place-based participatory pedagogy.  All of the core courses in the major include a comprehensive  service-learning component designed to enhance and extend the classroom  curriculum. 
Teaching responsibilities will include community organizing,  sustainable community development, politics and public policy, as well  as the College's general education program. The College is expanding its  programming and outreach to communities in Southwest Virginia and the  larger Appalachian region; the successful candidate will be asked to  participate in this work. 
The College is currently working to develop a  master?s program focusing on civic leadership and community capacity  building, and the successful candidate could eventually teach in this  outreach program. Strong candidates will have a demonstrated commitment  to service learning, working with local communities, problem-solving  participatory education, and interdisciplinary scholarship. Some  experience in a policy area such as energy and the environment,  sustainable economic development, public education, or health care is  preferred. Ability to teach in both quantitative and qualitative methods  is desirable. Emory & Henry is a private, liberal-arts, church  affiliated college with an average enrollment of 1000 students. The  college is located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in  Southwest Virginia. 
Candidates must demonstrate a commitment to  undergraduate liberal arts education, to working one-on-one with  students, and collaboration with faculty and staff in building strong  partnerships across the curriculum and with communities. The successful  candidate will be expected to help implement the PPCS program?s model of  place-based education. Ph.D. at the time of appointment is preferred.  
Provide CV, statement of teaching and research goals, 3 letters of  recommendation, teaching evaluations (if any), a sample of scholarly  writing, and transcripts to Dean Christopher Qualls, Emory & Henry  College, P.O. Box 947, Emory, VA 24327. Review of applications will  begin January 2, 2009 and continue until the position is filled. 
For  more information about the PPCS degree program and a more complete job  description, please refer to www.ehc.edu/employment/publicpolicy.html.  Emory & Henry is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minority  candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.
11 December 2008
[1] BWBRS 3.0
[2] Bonner AmeriCorps Reminders
[3] Research Project Help 
[4] Bonner Video Project
[5] 2009 IMPACT Conference
[6] Call for Proposals
[7] Arts/Activism Student Conference April 3-5
[1] BWBRS 3.0
Many of you have let us know you've made the switch or are planning to. If you have not yet done so, please log on to the Wiki and add your name next to your school: http://bonnernetwork.pbwiki.com/BWBRS-School-Roster (the page is linked from the BWBRS 3.0 Help Guide on the front page).
Don't forget that there's a helpful guide to 3.0 available on the Wiki and Bonner Foundation staff can help as well: http://bonnernetwork.pbwiki.com/BWBRS+Help+Guide 
[2] Bonner AmeriCorps Reminders
  • We recently learned that fundraising is defined more broadly than we thought. Remember that members may only have 10% of their hours in this category. Fundraising includes:
    • any walks to raise money and the meetings planning and recruiting for them
    • any event being planned as a fundraiser for a nonprofit
    • working in thrift stores (unless the store allows clients to shop for free)
  • We also recently learned that any married members need to submit additional documentation with their enrollment book. If the member's last name has changed and they submit eligibility documentation (birth certificate, passport, etc.) that is in their old last name, they must submit a current Drivers License and a copy of their marriage certificate. For those members already enrolled, we will be contacting you to let you know of their missing documentation.
As always, please contact a member of our AmeriCorps team if you have any questions or concerns: Annie Pasqua, Gretchen Mielke, Becky Grinstead, Christen Foell, Janet Ashwood and Miriam Barnes
[3] Research Project Help
Dear Directors and Coordinators: 
We are wondering if you might help one of the Bonner Scholars with her work on a research project that is focusing on characteristics of students involved in service.
Leanne V. Hershkowitz is a Senior at TCNJ.  She has been very active as a Bonner Scholar, including interning with the Foundation a few summers ago, working as a Congress Representative, and forging new ways to integrate her work in Psychology with her work in Bonner.  She's now working on research project for her senior thesis that examines teamwork and personality with students comparatively. She wants to survey about 150 students in the Bonner Program and will be writing a paper that she shares later with the Foundation. We're hoping she can be successful with this study.

The study is titled, "The Effects of Personality on Measures of Team Performance." She is looking at how a participant's personality effects how they are perceived by their teammates. She needs students to fill out a survey and then choose a teammate (does not have to be a Bonner, but anyone at the site) to fill out a survey about them. The third source of data is program directors. Directors are asked about the overall structure of their Bonner Program (as a moderating factor). 

At the Congress Meeting in October, she introduced the project and asked Congress Reps to sign up.  Most did.  In following up with students, she needs some support (as the completion hasn't been as thorough as the sign-up).  Anyone who completes the online survey and has a teammate fill out a corresponding survey about them will be entered to win a $50 Barnes and Noble Gift Card. Both of which are extremely short (about five minutes).

If you can identify some students (Bonner Scholars and Leaders) to participate, that would be very helpful.  The research paper will likely be of real interest.  If your students participate, as the director you'll also need to complete a similarly brief survey. The link for directors is: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=2mxB70Pg_2bMGRFhxkXCbrWA_3d_3d

Below is an email that you can copy and paste to send to your Bonner students explaining the project. Please feel free to edit as you see necessary.

Leanne would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have. Please feel free to contact her at any time (Hershko2@tcnj.edu, 973-493-1497).  

The goal is 150 match pairs. 30 students have participated as matched pairs so she needs another 270 (135 pairs). Please help!

THE DEADLINE IS:  February 1, 2009


Leanne is a Bonner Scholar Senior Intern at The College of New Jersey. She is collecting data for her Senior Honors Thesis and needs your help. Leanne was at the Congress Meeting in October and talked about this project, asking folks to sign up.

This study is very important to Leanne and she is hoping to have her information published next semester. I want to encourage to take the time to fill out these surveys for her.  They are short.  Please take them seriously and answer as honestly as you can. The results are anonymous and will be compiled.  

Did I mention that you will BE ENTERED TO WIN A $50 BARNES AND NOBLES GIFT CARD? 

There are two steps: 

1) Fill out the participant survey (link below): 


2) Ask a teammate (someone who works with you at your site, but doesn't have to be a Bonner) to fill out this survey (link below), about you: 


The way she is linking these surveys together (so that your responses remain anonymous) is by asking you and your teammate to use a code word... You will be prompted to put this word on your survey and your teammate will be asked to put it on theirs. Only data with both pieces can be used in the study.

PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE ONE PARTICIPANT SURVEY but if more than one teammate asks you to complete the teammate survey you are welcome to do that, however, make sure to use the correct code word for the correct teammate. 

If this sounds complicated, Leanne would be happy to answer any of your questions (Hershko2@tcnj.edu, 973-493-1497).  

[4] Bonner Video Project
**First Assignment for the Bonner Video Project (BVP) is due on Monday!
Every campus that would like to create videos this spring must select a student to be its Bonner Video Liason.  This student is responsible for reading BVP emails, posting videos online, and communicating with the Foundation when necessary.  
What is the Bonner Video Project?
In the upcoming weeks each campus will be given access to a Flip Cam.  With these cameras, Bonners will create 2-3 minute short videos highlighting their Bonner Program, Training and Enrichment Activities, Issues they encounter each day at their service sites, and their Community Partners.  Check out this Wiki Page for more details: Bonner Video Project
First Assignment:
Pick a lead student to be the BVL (Bonner Video Liaison). Please submit his or her name, email, and a short clip that introduces him or her (think reality TV show audition) by December 15th, 2008.  These clips are not required to participate in the project, but are encouraged to be submitted and posted on the wiki with name and email. Click Here to officially submit you BVLs information! 
[5] 2009 IMPACT Conference
THE 2009 IMPACT CONFERENCE - AND LOBBY DAY (a great Second-Year Exchange project)
The 2009 Impact Conference has solidified its dates and location.  Registration is now open, and we're hoping that lots of students (and staff) from Bonner campuses will be there.  Last year, more than 300 attended, and we'd like to top that.  Bonner schools receive a DISCOUNT on registration BUT YOU HAVE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT IN TIME.  Also, this year's conference (in the DC area) will feature a special LOBBY DAY on March 9th, with additional training and the opportunity to lobby on Capitol Hill.  This is a great potential Bonner trip (perhaps a Second Year Exchange; connect with another school and make some plans in DC).  We'll start a place on the Bonner Network Wiki for you to jot ideas (if you're attending, want to do an exchange, plan on submitting a workshop or want to help with Administrators track):  .  
Registration for Bonner students is $155 if you do it by January 23rd, and $185 for administrators.  Bonner is going to help organize the Administrators Track (so if you want to help and offer trainings, please let Ariane know (ahoy@bonner.org).  If you wish to register folks for the optional Lobby Day, you MUST register and pay separately for that event through Brown Paper Tickets.  The cost for the training (which includes dinner on Sunday evening) is $25.00, and registration can be found at:www.BrownPaperTickets.com/event/50110 (new window will open).  This should be a great opportunity, especially given what may be going on within government.
Here's the full information!

IMPACT: National Student Conference on Service, Advocacy & Social Action 


Date: March 6 – 8, 2009 


Location: University of Maryland, University College -- Adelphi, MD (Washington, DC, metropolitan area)


Join college students, administrators, faculty, national nonprofit organizations, and many others this spring in our nation's capitol for the historically largest national convening of campus community members involved in service, activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work across philosophical and ideological lines.

Following the historic 2008 election and set against the backdrop of Washington, DC, this event is the 25th anniversary of the legacy set forth by the C.O.O.L. Conference and the Idealist Campus Conference. IMPACT is an opportunity to connect with other campuses, learn from their best practices, and share your campus' experiences in working toward social change.

You won't want to miss this inspiring three-day conference! It will include thought-provoking forums, plenary sessions, and student-led workshops as well as an Opportunities Fair, Oxfam America Hunger Banquet, powerful Opening Ceremony -- and even a few new surprises!

Learn from campus and nonprofit leaders in the following topics:

  • Action (Service)
  • Connecting Action and the Classroom (Service-Learning)
  • The Politics of Your Work (Politics, Policy, and Advocacy)
  • Changing the World 3.0 (Technology)
  • Taking on the Issues (Issue-Based Workshops)
  • Leading Your Work (Management and Skill-Based Workshops)
  • Administrator-Focused (Admin)

We will also make sure to keep you entertained through inspiring keynote speakers, social events, and plenty of entertainment!

To learn more about the IMPACT Conference and to register to attend, please visit 


www.impactconference.org. Be sure to register by January 23 to receive the discounted student registration rate!

[6] Call for Proposals: Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility: Deepening Student and Campus Commitments


October 1-3, 2009


Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Deadline for submission of proposals: January 30, 2009 

This conference

 will bring together faculty, student affairs personnel, academic administrators, students, and others to explore how to move education for personal and social responsibility to the center of institutional culture and academic practice.


AAC&U's Network for Academic Renewal invites proposals for sessions on research, models, and promising practices that help students - and institutions - build these capacities.

Submit your proposal online by filling in each field of the submission form as directed. For more information, please call 202.387.3760 or write to network@aacu.org.

We look forward to reading your proposals.



[7] Arts/Activism Student Conference April 3-5


2009 CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS; Submission Deadline January 28th, 2009

On April 3-5 the Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University and Massachusetts Campus Compact will be co-sponsoring Convergence: The Intersection of Arts and Activism.  This three-day student-coordinated conference aims to spark students involvement and interest in the rapidly growing field of arts and activism by bringing together students, faculty, administrators and working artists to discuss to discuss and collaborate through a myriad of medium.  Information and Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal can be found on the link below:


A Conference on the Intersection of Arts and Activism 

Check out http://convergence-art.com/ for information on this April 3-5, 2009 

student conference at Tufts University Medford/Somerville Campus, Massachusetts



Break Away is pleased to announce that the 2009 Summer Internship Program is now accepting applications. We encourage those interested in engaging in intense learning experiences, developing facilitation and leadership skills, supporting lifelong active citizenship, and strengthening the national alternative break movement, to apply. 
Individuals selected to be Break Away Interns will have two areas of focus.  The primary area of focus will be the “Train the Trainer” Program with the goal of becoming a long-term Break Away Facilitator. This will include assisting in three Break Away National Conferencesaffectionately known as The Alternative Break Citizenship Schools (ABCs).  In addition to gaining valuable facilitation experience, you will have the unique opportunity to learn to coordinate national conferences, speaker panels, educational sessions, and similar activities by serving as ABCs logistical staff for the ABCs. Alternative Break experience is required for all applicants. Alternative breakers who have attended the ABCs are strongly encouraged to apply.
The second area of focus will be a project that will best utilize your talents, while also expanding your experience and expertise in that given area for the benefit of the alternative break movement.  The possible choices are listed on the application; however, if you have a specific skill set that isn’t listed on the application, please feel free to let us know about it.
The duration of the internship is May 20 - August 15, 2009* during which time interns will live in Atlanta, GA and work out of the National Break Away Office.  Break Away will cover your travel costs, grant a modest living stipend to each selected Intern, and shared housing will either be arranged and paid for by the Break Away staff or compensated for in the monthly stipend. In addition, Break Away will also cover all expenses (food, transportation, and housing) for Interns during the Alternative Break Citizenship Schools, which will be held for 10 days in June, July, and August.
Interns will be responsible for providing their own transportation within Atlanta and for covering food and entertainment expenses for the few weeks that they will not be involved with one of the ABCs. If this is prohibitive for applicants please call or e-mail. We are open to discussing options for individuals interested in applying.
If you are interested in the Internship Program but are unable to invest an entire summer, you may still be able to serve as a Site Leader for one of the ABCs.  Applications to serve as a Site Leader for one of the 2009 ABCs will be available in early March, 2009.
To apply for Break Away Internship Program, please download the application on our website,http://alternativebreaks.org/. Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged (send tobreakaway@alternativebreaks.org
) though applications can also be faxed to 404.348.4337. All applications must be received by 5 pm EST, Monday, January 12, 2009.  Contact Samantha Giacobozzi, Programs Director at 800.903.0646 with any questions. 
Applications that are sent via postal mail will not be accepted; faxed or e-mailed only please. *If you can start the internship earlier than May 20th (or can’t start until after that date), please also note that in your application.
Weekly Update
4 December 2008
[1] BWBRS 3.0
[2] Bonner AmeriCorps Reminders
[3] Bonner Video Project
[4] IMPACT Conference - Registration open
[5] Issue-based Working Groups
[6] Nicola Goren to Run National Service Agency through Transition
[7] Young Leader of Social Change Fellow (New Haven, CT)
[8] Michigan Journal Call for Abstracts
[1] BWBRS 3.0
We really do need you to make the switch to our new system! Our programmer is itching for us to be fully in the new system and we want to be sure you have enough time to make the switch. We know the end of the semester brings with it lots of final paperwork. Use this opportunity to discover how easy it is to approve hours in the new system (the approval page looks just like the time logs!).
To help us facilitate the switch over, we need to know that you're using the new system. Please log on to the Wiki and add your name next to your school: http://bonnernetwork.pbwiki.com/BWBRS-School-Roster (the page is linked from the BWBRS 3.0 Help Guide on the front page).
Don't forget that there's a helpful guide to 3.0 available on the Wiki as well: http://bonnernetwork.pbwiki.com/BWBRS+Help+Guide 
[2] AmeriCorps Reminders
  • In light of the switch to the new 3.0 system of BWBRS, our AmeriCorps team is going through a "national review" process. This means we're reading all the service descriptions from CLAs, service opportunities and training and enrichments. If there's no description we have trouble reviewing it. Brace yourselves for a potential flurry of BWBRS notifications regarding updating these descriptions.
  • Another issue related to this 3.0 switch is that you might notice some hour discrepancies on the enrollment page. Don't worry as your students' logged hours have not disappeared. This is a coding issue that we are working to resolve. If you know your student has enough hours to exit, go ahead and send in those exit forms!
  • The end of the semester is coming quickly. Be sure to get your students to submit outstanding paperwork (time logs and service accomplishments) before they disappear for the holidays!
  • We recently received a clarification on our exit process. Please note that we must receive all outstanding paperwork and exit forms within 25 days of the member's last day of service (this is the last day they log hours, not necessarily the date they must be done with their term). The new BWBRS system will be sending reminders to this effect but please note this important change.
As always, please contact a member of our AmeriCorps team if you have any questions or concerns: Annie Pasqua, Gretchen Mielke, Becky Grinstead, Christen Foell, Janet Ashwood and Miriam Barnes
[3] Bonner Video Project 
It is time for the Bonner Video Project! Bonner campuses all over the country are encouraged to participate. In the upcoming weeks each campus will be given access to a Flip Cam.  With these cameras, Bonners will create 2-3 minute short videos highlighting their Bonner Program, Training and Enrichment Activities, Issues they encounter each day at their service sites, and their Community Partners.  Please see the Bonner Video Project Wiki page for further details about the project! 
First Assignment:
Pick a lead student to be the BVL (Bonner Video Liaison). Please submit his or her name, email, and a short clip that introduces him or her (think reality TV show audition) by December 15th, 2008.  These clips are not required to participate in the project, but are encouraged to be submitted and posted on the wiki with name and email. Visit http://bonnernetwork.pbwiki.com/Bonner-Video-Liaison-Submissions to officially submit you BVLs information! 
[4] IMPACT Conference - Registration open
Registration for the IMPACT Conference is officially open!

You can find the registration rates and the online registration/payment system at 

You will also find there the online workshop proposal system, along with the expectations and deadlines for workshop proposals.

And a new addition this year, since we will be in the DC metropolitan area, is an optional Lobby Day on the Monday after the conference (March 9).  We will be partnering with a range of issue-based organizations to train students on issues, framing their message, and lobbying their Congressperson.  We will then take everyone to the Hill on Monday so that they can participate directly in the democratic process.  Registration and payment for Lobby Day can also be found on the conference website (
www.impactconference.org).  You must register and pay separately for Lobby Day -- the fee for that event is $25.

Please feel free to be in touch if you have any questions at all -- we look forward to seeing you and your students in DC this March!


Heather Cronk  |  Coordinator  |  IMPACT Conference
heather@impactconference.org  |  www.impactconference.org
  |  202-491-7240
[5] Issue-based Working Groups
The beauty of the Bonner Network Wiki is that all our work and all that great energy from this fall's Directors and Coordinators meeting can continue. As you come across resources or information, simply copy and paste it into the respective Working Group Plan page. When the he-sl listserv sent out these links (see below) about service-learning related to forestry and sustainable agriculture, Ari quickly posted them on the Environment page. So cool and so easy! 
SL in Urban Forestry and GIS

The first story was just a quick mention of the educational (read service-learning) component of the MillionTreesNYC program. This program is working with University of Vermont GIS students to help the city meet its environmental goals by extensive, targeted tree-planting. Here's the blurb:



and here's more about the program: 


You can see the syllabus for the course here:



SL in Rural Foodways and Sustainable Agriculture


The other was an opinion piece by Howard Sacks on his involvement in a powerful service-learning program that has helped create a sustainable local food market (and therefore sustainable agriculture) in the community of Kenyon College, a private, liberal arts college in rural Ohio (in the interests of full disclosure, also my undergraduate alma mater). The Chronicle gave me permission to provide the email discussion list with free access to the article through December 17, 2008, so give it a glance here:



And take a look at the program website here:




[6] Nicola Goren to Run National Service Agency through Transition


Washington DC – Nicola O. Goren, an 11-year veteran of the Corporation for National and Community Service, will lead the agency through a transition that will include laying a foundation for the incoming Administration’s service plans.


Goren, who served as the agency’s Chief of Staff for the past two years, begins her tenure as Acting CEO at a time of strong momentum and opportunity for the agency and the larger service and volunteer movement.  Goren will lead the agency that administers AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and Learn and Serve America until a new CEO is appointed by President Obama and confirmed by the Senate. 


“Service and volunteering make a difference in the lives of millions of Americans every day,” said Goren.  “I am deeply honored and excited to work with our extraordinary board, staff, and grantees to support our programs, prepare for the transition, and seize the growing momentum for service in America.”


Goren said two forces are converging to make this an opportune time for national service and volunteering.  First, the economic downturn has threatened our civic infrastructure and put more Americans in need of services that the voluntary sector can provide.  Second, this increasing demand comes at the same time as service is gaining unprecedented levels of support across government, business, nonprofit, and education sectors. 


From the expansion of corporate social responsibility programs and the embrace of service-learning on college campuses to the introduction of several bipartisan national service bills in Congress and the comprehensive service agenda of President-elect Obama, service is increasingly being seen as a solution to social challenges. “The Corporation has never been stronger, more efficient, and better positioned than it is today, and we are ready to work with the incoming Administration to take national service to the next level of success and impact,” said Goren.  In a message to grantees, Goren said her priorities will be to focus on the core work of the agency, ensure a smooth transition, and strengthen the service infrastructure.


The agency has been preparing for the transition for several months.  The Corporation’s bipartisan board of directors will also play a key role in the transition.  “We are incredibly fortunate to have such as strong board and their leadership and insights will be especially valuable in the transition.  Our board is a model of how people from different parties can work together to get things done.”


Board Chairman and former Indianapolis Mayor Stephen Goldsmith also noted the convergence of need and support for national service in welcoming Goren to her new role.  “The Corporation is well-respected, high performing and it enjoys bipartisan support.   The national service and volunteering agenda also benefit from strong momentum and increasing public awareness.  Nicky has the experience, judgment, and ability to ensure that we extend the gains we’ve made and bridge the organization as it prepares for a new CEO to be appointed in the next administration.”


Prior to serving as Chief of Staff, Goren worked in the Corporation’s Office of General Counsel for eight-and-a-half years as Associate General Counsel, where she led the AmeriCorps rulemaking effort and other major projects.  Before coming to the Corporation in 1998, Goren spent five years in the legislative branch, working first with the Congressional Budget Office and then with the Office of Compliance.  She is a graduate of Cornell Law School and Brandeis University.  Goren resides in the District of Columbia with her husband and two sons.


The Corporation for National and Community Service improves lives, strengthens communities, and fosters civic engagement through service and volunteering. Each year the Corporation engages more than four million Americans of all ages and backgrounds in service to meet local needs through its Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and Learn and Serve America programs. For more information, visit www.NationalService.gov
[7] Young Leader of Social Change Fellow (New Haven, CT)

The Young Leader of Social Change Fellowship provides an outstanding recent college or public health graduate with an opportunity to engage in high impact front-line global service programs.  You will work from our New Haven office that overlooks the Yale campus.

In this position, the Fellow will work closely with Unite For Sight's CEO on public health programming.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Apply organizational and writing skills to the development and implementation of global health initiatives
  • Expand Unite For Sight's presence on college campuses
  • Contribute to cutting-edge programs in development

Interested applicants should send a resume to the attention of Jennifer Staple, at JStaple@uniteforsight.org Please clearly indicate that you are applying for the Young Leader of Social Change Fellow position.

[8] Michigan Journal Call for Abstracts
The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (MJCSL) invites article abstracts of up to one-page related to higher education academic service-learning, campus-community partnerships, and faculty engaged scholarship.
Abstracts are due December 20, 2008 to Jeffrey Howard, editor, at jphoward@umich.edu or by fax (734.647.7464). 
In mid-January we will invite articles fitting within the above content purview of the MJCSL and appearing to break new ground. Articles are due Monday, March 30th, and will be forwarded for peer review. Authors will be informed of decisions in July/August.  The MJCSL has an acceptance rate of 15-20%.
The Michigan Journal welcomes articles from all academic disciplines and professions as well as from all countries.
For more information about the Michigan Journal, see the webpage at www.umich.edu/~mjcsl/.  Also, visit our new website to view and download all past articles at http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/mjcsl/.
The latest issue -- volume 15 number 1 -- can be ordered at www.umich.edu/~mjcsl.  It will be embargoed for four months before being available in March at http://quod.lib.umich.edu/m/mjcsl/ .

Questions may be directed to the editor, Jeffrey Howard, at jphoward@umich.edu

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